Veg carvings

25 Beautiful Fruit Carving works and Fruit Art Ideas for your inspiration

fruit carving
Fruit Carving Art : Fruits are beautiful in their own right, but when their carved or simply arranged in a different way, they look exquisite. Carving fruit is a wonderful talent. Very often we come across these fruit art displays during marriage and festivals. Every year, competitions are held to encourage budding artists to...

25 Beautiful Vegetable Carving and Fruit Carving works for your inspiration

Vegetable Carving
Vegetable carvings have been around for many centuries. Some believe fruit carvings were started in China, others say it was started in Thailand during the Loi Krathong festival and some others even believe it started in Japan. In Japan the fruit art is known as Mukimono and it was quite popular from the 16th century. Nowadays if...
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