Realistic Portrait Pencil Drawings of Hollywood Celebrities by Matt Mas

Portrait pencil drawings of Hollywood celebrities, under a new light by Matt Mas. The detailed shading, emotions, lighting have been perfectly captured by the talented artist Matt Mas. The artist goes by the pseudo name eszumas in the social media handles. Some of the top celebrities in his pencil drawings are Lady Gaga, Leonardo DiCaprio and more. If you notice, the eyes in the pencil drawings are very emotive. Right from an young age, Matt Mas was interested in drawing. He believes in hard-work and his pencil drawings truly speak up for him. Matt Mas is a PhD student in medical biotechnology from Poland. Since drawing is not his full time career, he is not open for commission works.

Realistic Portrait Pencil Drawings of Hollywood Celebrities by Matt Mas

Pencil drawing arunya guillot by matt maspencil drawing arunya guillot Pencil drawing sza by matt maspencil drawing sza Pencil drawing lady by matt maspencil drawing lady Pencil drawing leonardo di caprio by matt maspencil drawing leonardo di caprio Pencil drawing lady gaga by matt maspencil drawing lady gaga Pencil drawing lady eyes by matt maspencil drawing lady eyes Pencil drawing melissa fumero by matt maspencil drawing melissa fumero

Pencil drawing eyes by matt maspencil drawing eyes Pencil drawing ellebaness by matt maspencil drawing ellebaness Pencil drawing billie eilish by matt maspencil drawing billie eilish Pencil drawing beautiful lady by matt maspencil drawing beautiful lady Pencil drawing woman eyes by matt maspencil drawing woman eyes Pencil drawing woman by matt maspencil drawing woman Pencil drawing mirna kaplan by matt maspencil drawing mirna kaplan Pencil drawing jenagold by matt maspencil drawing jenagold Pencil drawing wait by matt maspencil drawing wait Portrait pencil drawing louanecms by eszumasportrait pencil drawing louanecms Portrait pencil drawing helena beckman by eszumasportrait pencil drawing helena beckman Portrait pencil drawing wavy hair by eszumasportrait pencil drawing wavy hair Portrait pencil drawing angelina jolie by eszumasportrait pencil drawing angelina jolie Portrait pencil drawing marziapie by eszumasportrait pencil drawing marziapie Portrait pencil drawing woman by eszumasportrait pencil drawing woman Portrait pencil drawing alyczandra by eszumasportrait pencil drawing alyczandra Portrait pencil drawing lips by eszumasportrait pencil drawing lips Portrait pencil drawing andy by eszumasportrait pencil drawing andy Portrait pencil drawing eyes by eszumasportrait pencil drawing eyes

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