Researchers discover a 100 feet Architecture Sculpture Design Belonging to Pablo Picasso1

Picasso sculpture :Artisans and researchers have for the first time unearthed a sketch of a 100ft architecture sculpture which was the vision of the great artist Pablo Picasso. Kamila Oles and archaeologist and art historian found the sketches and photos relating to the 100ft sculpture. The cost of the building was estimated at $10 million and was supposed to be made of reinforced concrete. The unearthed sculpture was named 'Bust of Woman' and it was supposedly erected on the grounds of the University of South Florida in Tampa. It is supposedly one of the largest architectural sculpture design created by the renowned artist, Picasso.

Researchers discover a 100 feet Architecture Sculpture Design Belonging to Pablo Picasso1

Chicago sculpture by pablo picassochicago sculpture by pablo picasso

The dream of Pablo Picasso couldn't be created, since a died just a day before his project got approval from the state government on April 8th, 1973. “We are the next artisans who will bring to life the biggest project of the world’s most renowned artist by means of new technologies,” said Kamila Oles, art historian and archaeologist at the varsity. “It is an extraordinary pleasure to realise Picasso’s desire. I believe he would be very enthusiastic about our virtual reality methods,” Oles added.

Flower watercan sculpture by pablo picassoflower watercan sculpture by pablo picasso Baboon sculpture by pablo picassobaboon sculpture by pablo picasso Goat sculpture by pablo picassogoat sculpture by pablo picasso Le fou 1905 sculpture by pablo picassole fou 1905 sculpture by pablo picasso Girl before mirror painting by pablo picassogirl before mirror painting by pablo picasso Weeping woman painting by pablo picassoweeping woman painting by pablo picasso

Mediterranean landscape painting by pablo picassomediterranean landscape painting by pablo picasso Bullfight painting by pablo picassobullfight painting by pablo picasso Architecture sculpture design by pablo picassoarchitecture sculpture design by pablo picasso Artwork by pablo picassoartwork by pablo picasso

Very soon we will be able to see the dream of picasso in reality which is expected to come up in the University of South Florida.


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