2017 Nature Photographer by National Geographic Open for Entries Till Nov 17

Photography Contest: National Geographic is looking for 2017 best wildlife pictures and you can submit entries till November 17th 2017. The grand prize is $7,500 and winners will get their pictures published in National Geographic magazine and on @NatGeo - National Geographic instagram account. There are four different categories: wildlife, landscapes, aerials, and underwater: Winner from each category will receive $2,500 each. Hurry now and start sending your pictures. Public voting will happen between December 1- 11 and the picture with highest number of votes will get the People's Choice Award.

 2017 Nature Photographer by National Geographic Open for Entries Till Nov 17

How to Enter

Each entry consists of an entry form, a single photograph, and an entry fee $15. Only online picture submissions are eligible for the contest and the contest is open for general public. To submit your photo, you have to register yourselves with national geographic and it's quite easy. Just follow the guidelines after providing your details.

Here are some Nature Photographs from previous years:

Eagle prey wildlife photography by national geographic1-eagle-prey-wildlife-photography-by-national-geographic Flight wildlife photography by dmitri markine2-flight-wildlife-photography-by-dmitri-markine Bird prey wildlife photography by rick loesche3-bird-prey-wildlife-photography-by-rick-loesche Stroll wildlife photography by francisco mingorance4-stroll-wildlife-photography-by-francisco-mingorance Owl wildlife photography by graham mcgeorge5-owl-wildlife-photography-by-graham-mcgeorge Tiger fight wildlife photography by daniel6-tiger-fight-wildlife-photography-by-daniel Parakeet love wildlife photography by dirk kanz7-parakeet-love-wildlife-photography-by-dirk-kanz

Scorpion wildlife photography by carlos perez naval8-scorpion-wildlife-photography-by-carlos-perez-naval Hunger wildlife photography by don gutoski9-hunger-wildlife-photography-by-don-gutoski Elephant tusks wildlife photography by bent striton10-elephant-tusks-wildlife-photography-by-bent-striton Fall wildlife photography by edwin giesbers11-fall-wildlife-photography-by-edwin-giesbers Big gulp wildlife photography by michael aw12-big-gulp-wildlife-photography-by-michael-aw Pop color wildlife photography by jonathan jagot13-pop-color-wildlife-photography-by-jonathan-jagot Circus wildlife photography by britta jaschinski14-circus-wildlife-photography-by-britta-jaschinski Prowler wildlife photography by richard peters15-prowler-wildlife-photography-by-richard-peters

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