Ian Pettigrew of Canada has won The Monochrome Photographer of the Year 2017 Awards

The most prestigious Monochrome Photography Awards has announced the winners of 2017 contest. The contest is conducted for both professional and amateur photographers across the world. The Monochrome photographer of the year - professional category was won by Ian Pettigrew whose photograph titled "Bailey" which describes about a women with fatal disease Cystic Fibrosis and has brought out the lifelong difficulties the patient would face due to the illness. He has received a cash award of $2000 and the coveted title.

Ian Pettigrew of Canada has won The Monochrome Photographer of the Year 2017 Awards

Under the Amateur category The Monochrome Discovery of the Year 2017 is won by Indonesian Photographer Gunarto Gunawan for his photo shot from the Grubug cave, in central java Indonesia. It is described as the light from Heaven by Gunarto. The Amateur award winner receives a cash prize of $1000 and the honorable title.

Apart from the Grand winners, Monochrome Awards 2017 also has impressive collection of winners for several sub categories, such as Abstract, Architecture, Conceptual, Fine Art, Landscapes, Nude, Portraits, and Photojournalism. The winning images were selected from around 8,942 submissions from 87 countries across the world. Here are the award winning images for your visual inspiration.

Monochrome_photographer_award by ian pettigrewmonochrome_photographer_award Monochrome_photographer_award by gunarto gunawanmonochrome_photographer_award Monochrome_photographer_award by marina yushinamonochrome_photographer_award Monochrome_photographer_award by farzad ariannejadmonochrome_photographer_award Monochrome_photographer_award by michal baranmonochrome_photographer_award Monochrome_photographer_award by pedor jarquemonochrome_photographer_award Monochrome_photographer_award by ho yuenmonochrome_photographer_award

Monochrome_photographer_award by marcel zizkatmonochrome_photographer_award Monochrome_photographer_award by simonemonochrome_photographer_award Monochrome_photographer_award by patricia dinumonochrome_photographer_award

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