Fresh Eco Logo Designs to Inspire Your Own Designs

A good business logo comprises many design elements that are carefully selected to work in perfect harmony. Color is one of these elements. Let us say you want to create an attractive eco logo. In that case, you need to pick colors that represent environment and eco-friendly practices. Since green is an important color for that category, you will find many top logos below that use green and other eco colors. Note that the ideas and principles explained below are helpful regardless of the types of logo or the industry that your business serves.

Fresh Eco Logo Designs to Inspire Your Own Designs

1. Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market is a very popular brand that is not committed to ecological causes alone. It is also committed to organic living and fair-trade practices. These values are clearly manifested in the green and white colors that are used in the logo. If you look closely, the “O” in “Whole” is also designed to look like some fruit. (Also read: 40 creative fruit logo designs).Logo design 1logo design 1


2. CarbonFund

Carbon Fund is a non-profit organization that offers carbon offsets in an attempt to conserve the environment. The company logo, as you can see uses two colors apart from green- blue and yellow. These colors are used for eco-friendly designs in many ways. In the design though, they are used to paint a horizon- blue being the sky, yellow being the sun, and the green being the land. Apart from symbolizing the Earth which the company aims to protect, the logo also promotes certain emotions. For instance, the Sun represents optimism, and the bright green and blue colors represent happiness that is promoted by a clean and safe planet.Logo design 2logo design 2

3. Planet Green (Discovery)

Planet Green is Discovery Network Channel’s logo which is a perfect example to demonstrate why simplicity wins in logo design. The logo is made of just the brand name Planet Green and a green circle. Yet, the design is elegant, memorable, and unique. There are some hidden visual cues in the design as well. For instance, the green circle represents Earth, and it matches the name Planet Green. Planet Green logo proves that you do not need to create complex logo designs to stand out and appear professional. Even simple logos that have apt messaging and creativity and be memorable and attractive.Logo design 3logo design 3

4. Animal Planet

Animal Planet has some of the most popular wildlife and environment TV shows that was ever created. The channel’s eco logo has gone through a few transformations since the time of the original design. The iteration above is one of the best eco logos. It has the animalistic boldness with the sharp fonts that are used. Plus, all text is green which gives it a unique appeal.Logo design 4logo design 4

5. Green Options

Green Options is a landscape management company that has a good reputation across the globe. The company has a wide network of experienced horticulturists, greenkeepers, and landscapers that understand and fulfill the needs of the clients.
Staying true to its work, Green Options has picked a logo that vividly symbolizes eco-friendliness. Both the text and icon use shades of green. The font is formal and easily legible. The icon displays the environment with the different trees and the shining sun. It is easily one of the best eco logo designs you can study and draw inspiration from.Logo design 5logo design 5

6. Wildlife Conservation Society

The logo design of Wildlife Conservation Society is the perfect example of minimalism. It shows that simple logos when designed creatively can stand out and help in building brand identity. The logo of Wildlife Conservation Society uses different shades of green and blue both of which are eco-colors. They are creatively arranged in the letter W which is a part of the brand name. Since the colors overlap on each other, it creates a smooth transition which is appealing to the eyes.Logo design 6logo design 6

7. The Nature Conservancy

The logo design of The Nature Conservancy demonstrates how you can tell a story by using familiar imagery. It is used a leaf pattern in a circle which represents the earth. Clearly, the designer took a different approach to show our planet as you cannot see any hint of blue in the circle which many logo designers use to show water (an important element of Earth). Instead, you see two white-colored leaves embracing our planet symbolically.
Another important thing to note in the logo is that “Nature” is made to look bigger than the other words. This is to emphasize the brand’s mission to conserve the nature.Logo design 7logo design 7

How to Create the Perfect Eco Logo?

To create a perfect eco logo, you need to understand all the basic logo design principles.
Simplicity: A good logo is always simple and easy to understand; it is difficult to remember complex logo designs. Also, you cannot convey your message properly with a design that has many things going on.

Memorability: An ideal eco logo is easy to memorize. This attribute goes hand-in-hand with the previous point.

Originality: It goes without saying that your logo should be unique and original. Only then it will be able to attract the masses.
Modern Yet Timeless: The logo should look new and modern. At the same time, it should be able to stand the test of time.

Balance: The eco logo should follow the principles of proportion and symmetry. You can study popular logos to understand this point better.
Complementary: Make sure that the graphic device and your typeface are in sync.
Versatility: You should be able to use the logo on different objects (big as billboard or small as pencil) without any issues. The icon, text, etc. should be legible irrespective of the object size, shape, etc.


Creating unique and interesting eco logo designs is not rocket science. However, the task is not exactly simple either. You need to understand the logo design principles to come up with a suitable logo design. You also need to study some popular eco logo designs to get some ideas for your logo. All this information is shared above for your help. So, take it all in and let your creativity do the work. Good luck!

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Fresh Eco Logo Designs to Inspire Your Own Designs A good business logo comprises many design elements that are carefully selected to work in perfect harmony. Color is one of these elements. Let us say you want to create an attractive eco logo. In