25 Beautiful and Stunning Fantasy Art works for your inspiration

Fantasy Art

Fantasy art works: Fantasy paintings have been in existence for many centuries. It was the method used by artists for introducing folk lore since 1820's. Fantasy art works are usually based on subject matter and the local culture , spirituality goes a lot into making these artworks successful. Ancient folk tales showcased some of the best mythological characters which were usually created by common people. Did you know that modern fantasy artworks are the inspiration taken directly from literature. The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter series have acted as a great source of inspiration for modern fantasy art since it included lots of surreal characters and plots which awed the audience.Some of top fantasy artists of all times are: Fran Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, Todd Lockwood, Bob Eggleton, Gerald Brom, Patrick Woodroffe, Luis Royo, Julie Bell and many others. Some of the best fantasy paintings are available for sale at Saatchi art gallery. Modern digital technology has allowed artists to create some of the stunning fantasy artworks of all times.

Fantasy Art

This art allows artists to bring out their whimsical characters alive digitally. Fantasy art is a separate art movement which has been in existence for many centuries. Some say, fantasy art started amongst the folk art creators. Fantasy art has a strong connection with mythological characters. For instance, most fantasy artworks are depicted with angels, demons, fire, centaurs and other mystical creatures. Fantasy art was primarily used for pulp fictions, illustrations on cd covers, books and so on. With the digital intervention and latest technologies, fantasy artists can explore different categories like SC-Fi, surreal, Taboo, dark fantasy art and many others to create their fantasy artworks. If you have a look at the fantasy artworks, dragons, demons, manga are some of their core favourites. Many novels have also become popular because of these fantasy art characters, for instance, 'The Lord of the Rings' was a huge hit in the literary world and it was also taken as a series of movies, which was also a box office hit. These fantasy artworks look so natural and are very graceful. Enjoy the beautiful fantasy artworks from artists around the world and be inspired.


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