Aesthetically beautiful Digital Paintings voicing mental health issues by Destinyblue

Destinyblue is one of the most cherished artists online for her scintillating digital paintings. The subjects are usually anime females and we absolutely love her for her creative digital paintings. Destinyblue is a brave woman who openly speaks about the struggles of mental health issues. Most of her digital paintings usually focus on emotions which are really deep. Her digital paintings act as a voice connecting people across the globe. World Mental Health day is celebrated on 10th October and every year DestinyBlue comes up with a beautiful digital painting which focuses on the theme. We are excited and waiting and to see what creativity she will bring forth this year. Her digital paintings are up for sale on her website, so make sure you check it out guys.

Aesthetically beautiful Digital Paintings voicing mental health issues by Destinyblue

Digital art fairy by destinybluedigital art fairy Digital art angel by destinybluedigital art angel Digital art halloween by destinybluedigital art halloween Digital art fingerprint by destinybluedigital art fingerprint Digital art lipstick by destinybluedigital art lipstick Digital art seagirl by destinybluedigital art seagirl Digital art skeleton by destinybluedigital art skeleton

Digital illustration art food by leo natsumedigital illustration art food Digital painting bandaid by destinybluedigital painting bandaid Digital illustration art lady by leo natsumedigital illustration art lady Digital painting love by destinybluedigital painting love Digital painting spokes by destinybluedigital painting spokes Digital painting star by destinybluedigital painting star

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