Simple yet Brilliant works of Illustration and Digital Art by Anano Miminoshvili

Illustration: Anano Miminoshvili is an illustrator, artist and graphic designer from Georgia. She has created this series of summer shots with cute digital art. You can also see the color palette she has chosen for her illustrations. Our favorites are the bird, umbrella, roomies, lost whale and almost everything in this series. Even-though it looks so simple, we ought to applaud the artist for her beautiful range of colors and detailing which has gone into every work. You can follow her work through her instagram account, as she updates this account on a regular basis. She is open for commission work, do contact her if you like her work.

Simple yet Brilliant works of Illustration and Digital Art by Anano Miminoshvili

Brazil illustration by anano miminoshvilibrazil illustration Koi fish digital art by anano miminoshvilikoi fish digital art Deer illustration by anano miminoshvilideer illustration Mushroom illustration by anano miminoshvilimushroom illustration Robinhood illustration by anano miminoshvilirobinhood illustration Roomies illustration by anano miminoshviliroomies illustration Umbrella illustration by anano miminoshviliumbrella illustration

Lost whale illustration by anano miminoshvililost whale illustration Penguin illustration by anano miminoshvilipenguin illustration Red panda illustration by anano miminoshvilired panda illustration Vacation illustration by anano miminoshvilivacation illustration Walrus illustration by anano miminoshviliwalrus illustration

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