50 Different Types of Photography Styles with examples for your inspiration

Different Types Of Photography

It is a combination of different types of photography techniques which provides the viewer a message in the form of art. It’s all about the right angle, correct lighting and great lens. For different types of photos, the lens has to be changed accordingly. If you want more details in your photo, then opt for macro lens. You can see a lot of people taking pictures on their cameras and mobile phones, if you want your photo to stand out from the rest, it’s important to learn some retouching works, by using photoshop etc. Some people get confused with beauty photography and glamour photography. Glamour photography is like fantasy photography and beauty photography is like shooting portrait photography. Let us look through the different types of photography styles to inspire you. 

Different Types of Photography

Different Types of Photography,

  1. Nature Photography
  2. Still Life Photography
  3. Abstract Photography
  4. Portrait Photography
  5. Fashion Photography
  6. Advertising Photography
  7. Wildlife photography
  8. Wedding Photography...etc..see below

1. Fashion Photography

In the world of photography, Fashion Photography is one of the most sought after careers since it is one of the most highly paid jobs. Fashion photographers are sought out to create portfolios for budding and experienced models. Fashion Photographers are like the gateway to the glamour world. Related Post: 25 Creative and Stunning Fashion Photography examples by Amanda Diaz

fashion photography fashion photography


2: Beauty Photography

Beauty Photography is similar to portrait photography as the photographer brings out the real beauty of his models through his talent. The best beauty photography happens when there is a right combination of trust, lighting and imaginative skills from both the model and the photographer. Related Post: 25 Creative Beauty Photography examples by Geoffrey Jones

beauty photography beauty photography


3. Nature Photography

Nature Photography doesn’t involve only plants or trees; it involves the natural scenery as seen through the photographer’s eyes. It can be landscapes, hills, waterfalls or anything that can be captured outdoors. Related Post: 40 Beautiful Nature Photography examples for your inspiration
nature photography


4. Wildlife photography

Wildlife photography is a challenging style of photography as the photographer should have good field expertise. A lot of patience, correct angle and sense of timing is required for the perfect shot. Related Post: 30 Best Award Winning Wildlife Photography examples around the world

wildlife photography


5. Black and White Photography

Most of the black and white photography styles are classic as it brings out the raw beauty of the subjects. Contrast and shadows go a long way in making your photos realistic and beautiful.

black and white photography

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6: Wedding Photography

The best moments of your life can be captured by wedding photographers. Using fast lens and creative lighting, you will be surprised with the end results.

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7: HDR Photography

HDR Photography is all about capturing three different types of images and merging them together which brings out amazing contrasts in your photos. While shooting in HDR it’s best to use automatic capturing, else set your camera on a tripod and make sure it doesn’t move. This is one of the important tips while capturing in HDR.

hdr photography
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8. Travel Photography

People who love to travel can become amazing travelling photographers. Just keep shooting while you have fun and also have an eye for detail. Different country traditions can be seen through the travel photography. Related Post: 30 Stunning Travel Photography Examples for your inspiration

travel photography


9. Time Lapse Photography

Time lapse Photography is the best way to capture motion. This involves continuous shooting of a specific subject at different time intervals.

time lapse photography
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10: Macro photography

Macro photography brings out the minute details of the chosen subject. Things that are not normally visible to the human eyes looks amazing in macro photography.

macro photography
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11: Underwater Photography

underwater photography
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12: Hi speed Photography

high speed photography
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13: Panoramic Photography

panoramic photography
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14: Motion Photography

motion blur speed photography
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15: Infrared Photography

infrared photography
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16:  New Born Photography

baby photography
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17: Past and Present Photography - different types of photography

back to future photography
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18: Sunrise Photography - different types of photography

sunrise photography
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19: Rain Photography - photography types

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20: Colorful Photography - photography types

colorful photography
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21: Storm Photography - photography types

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22: Rainbow Photography - photography types

rainbow photography
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23: Bird Photography - photography types

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24: Night Photography - photography types

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25: Landscape Photography

landscape photography
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