14 Different Types of Movie Poster design ideas with examples

Different Types Of Movie Poster Designs

Different types of movie poster design ideas : Movie poster designs play a prominent role in the branding and marketing of a movie to the general public. Graphic designers choose to use bolder and dark backgrounds to pique the interest of the viewers. There is no hard and fast rule for a perfect movie poster design. Graphic designers are given the full freedom to figure out the look and feel of a movie poster design. Before preparing the poster design, it's important to understand the budget, the plot of the movie and aim for visibility. Different types of Movie Poster Designs are,
1. Showing Main Characters
2. Expressing the story-line
3. Showing Best Movie Scenes / Piqued
4. Relationship
5. Minimalist movie posters
6. Attention Seeking - AIDA
7. Iconography
8. Optical Illusion Posters
9. With Beautiful Typeface
10. Standard Color Theme
11. Pop Neon Colors
12. Illustrated or Digital Paintings
13. Mylar / Super Expensive Posters
14. Glozzy Composite movie poster designs

Different types of Movie Poster Designs

1. Showing Main Characters

There is no solid set of rules to design a movie poster. One thing common in most movie design posters is the display of main characters in the particular movie. The main characters play an important role in the life of the movie since they reach out to a larger audience. Graphic designers love to experiment with photo manipulations on the main characters, so they are portrayed in a bold and stunning manner.

movie poster design star wars glossy compositemovie poster design xmen glossy compositemovie poster design captain marvel aidaindia movie poster designs talvar


2. Expressing the story-line

A bit of the story-line is clearly expressed in the movie poster designs. It allows the public to understand what genre the film covers. If the writings or photo manipulations are in red or orange colors, one can expect the movie to fall under these genres : thriller, crime, action and more. Expressing the story-line along-with the showcasing of main characters is one of the most important factors in designing a movie poster.

rocketman movie poster design avatar movie poster design logan lucky movie poster design

movie poster design aladdin disney glossy composite for sama movie poster design


3. Showing Best Movie Scenes (Piqued)

Showing the best scenes in a movie can pique the interest of the movie-goers. So it's highly important to select a scene which adheres to the same. If it's a period movie, then showcasing the main characters in the period costumes would be apt for a movie poster design. If it's an animation movie, then happy characters or an emotion which talks about the movie would make a perfect movie scene for the poster design.

movie poster design jumanji piqued movie poster design black panther piqued movie poster design walle piqued movie poster design frozen piqued


4. Relationship

Relationship in a movie is a very strong emotion. If it's a love theme movie, then the main characters holding hands or fighting would be a perfect scene for a movie poster design. When the story revolves around more than one relationship, then the main characters along-with a few sub characters will speak a lot about the movie.

movie poster design mary queen scots relationship movie poster design fault in our stars relationship movie poster design serenity relationship movie poster design fathers daughters relationship


5. Minimalist movie posters

Minimalist movie poster designs are the new rage in town. Just like the name speaks, it has minimal designs. The movie poster design doesn't speak much about the movie. When you are looking at minimalist movie posters, you are only looking at the style and not much about the design. The theme on minimalist poster designs or mostly based on movie quotes. These kind of poster designs are usually for short budget movie or the ones you come across in Netflix.

minimalist movie poster drive by jleeisme twilight minimal movie poster by chungkong art Dirty Harry creative movie poster the dark knight rises creative movie poster design


6. Attention Seeking - AIDA

The attention seeking movie poster designs are mostly used by pulp fictions and animation movies. Graphic designers use photoshop, illustrator, Indesign softwares to work on such attention seeking movie poster designs. The Indesign software is mostly used for the page layout and typography.

typographic best movie poster humboldt county creative movie poster design movie poster design john black aida movie poster design 127 hours aida lord of war creative movie poster design paul creative movie poster


7. Iconography

The iconography movie poster designs, they don't talk much about what the movie is all about. Sometimes they may nit be related to the genre of the movie. Certain images are used like close-up of characters or a plot which doesn't describe much about the movie. Iconography movie poster designs are quite popular in the following genres horror, action, adventure and more.

movie poster design pans labyrinth iconography movie poster design baby bump iconography iconography movie posters dark knight iconography movie poster a ghost story iconography movie poster beauty and the beast movie poster design return of the jedi iconography

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14 Different Types of Movie Poster design ideas with examples Different types of movie poster design ideas : Movie poster designs play a prominent role in the branding and marketing of a movie to the general public. Graphic designers choose to use bolder and