Beautiful Calligraphy always mesmerizes the soul - Calligraphy Art by Cyla Costa

Calligraphy Art is one of the special talents of the graphic designer Cyla Costa. She is a graphic designer and lettering artist from Brazil. She uses acrylic colors, paint brushes for her calligraphy art. The choice of color pallette is also interesting, we can say it's kind of eye soothing. She is open for commissions and workshops, so if you are interested in her typography illustration, email her at  hello [at] One of her recent works for the brand campaign "Maria" won her the TDC - Certificate of Typographic Excellence. According to Cyla Costa," The campaign had 6 characters called Maria, each one with different personalities and styles, which were part of the TV campaign aired in Telecine and Sony channel". Meanwhile you can checkout her videos and social media sites for more such interesting calligraphy works.

Beautiful Calligraphy always mesmerizes the soul - Calligraphy Art by Cyla Costa

Watch Cyla Costa Calligraphy here:

Calligraphy drunk by cyla costacalligraphy drunk Calligraphy que by cyla costacalligraphy que Calligraphy supernova by cyla costacalligraphy supernova Calligraphy dream by cyla costacalligraphy dream Typography headache by cyla costatypography headache Typography nao by cyla costatypography nao Typography future by cyla costatypography future

Typography mais by cyla costatypography mais Typography heart by cyla costatypography heart Typography illustration by cyla costatypography illustration

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