20 Beautiful Kerala Onam Saree Designs with beautiful Mural art works

Onam saree is known as Kasavu saree. The whole saree is beige or white in color with a gold border. A traditional kasavu onam saree is hand woven from cotton. Nowadays other material onam sarees are woven from tissue silk, tussar silk, crepe are some of the favorites. It's not restricted to just plain beige sarees anymore, womenfolk use different color mural painting sarees to keep with the current trends.
Kerala mural sarees are usually hand painted by artists. First a drawing is etched on the saree and fabric acrylic colors are used for giving colors to the saree. Most of the Kerala mural sarees have the Hindu mythology characters, onam favorites(kathakali, boat races) and other random crowd favorites. It takes more than 6 hrs to hand paint a Kerala mural saree. These Kerala mural sarees are very popular amongst the international buyers too. 

20 Beautiful Kerala Onam Saree Designs with beautiful Mural art works

Onam mural saree whitekathakalionam mural saree whitekathakali Onam mural saree godonam mural saree god Onam mural saree bananaleafonam mural saree bananaleaf Onam mural saree facesonam mural saree faces Onam mural saree singersonam mural saree singers Onam mural saree kathakalionam mural saree kathakali Onam mural saree goddessonam mural saree goddess

Onam mural saree krishnaonam mural saree krishna Onam mural saree gopikasonam mural saree gopikas Onam mural saree blacksariigod by anjalivilasinionam mural saree blacksariigod Onam mural saree abstractonam mural saree abstract Onam mural saree krishnaradhaonam mural saree krishnaradha Onam mural saree peacockonam mural saree peacock Onam mural saree pinkkathakalionam mural saree pinkkathakali Onam mural saree veenaonam mural saree veena Onam mural saree vishnuonam mural saree vishnu Onam mural saree vishnu godonam mural saree vishnu god Onam saree kasavu keralaonam saree kasavu kerala Onam saree peacockonam saree peacock Onam saree peacock featheronam saree peacock feather

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