Beautiful 3D Robot Models by Ukranian Designer Aleksandr Kuskov

3D Robot Models : Aleksandr Kuskov is an Ukranian Freelancer who is well experienced in digital art, art dirrection,advertising,illustration and 3D imaging. There is wide choice of realistic, rigged robot 3D models that are ready for computer graphics applications like advertising, 3D visualization, 3D games created by Aleksandr. His imaginations are surreal and they represent the view he has for near future. Aleksandr Kuskov's vision of the future involves sleek, mechanical hearts. Every work of CG is fantasy but it seem to be believable and happening in future. He pays attention to every minute detail throughout his work which can be beautifully seen in projects like 'time machine'. His imagination involves intricate images of everything from cars and cameras to fantasy lands and beasts.

Beautiful 3D Robot Models by Ukranian Designer Aleksandr Kuskov

ethora maya 3d model 3d model queen 3d model 3d model  

3D Models by Aleksandr Kuskov

Reality has too many restrictions, but fantasy is boundless. We are ready to start making your fantasies, where anything is possible, come true. Our company specializes on smooth integration of computer graphics elements into filmed material, using the latest technologies. 

heart petrol tank 3d model woman robot glass heart 3d model <picture3d models eagle robot 3d model 3d woman robot lake boat 3d model 3d woman robot

coca cola 3d model 3d woman robot time machine type writer 3d model 3d woman robot


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