Turkish Photographer Ara Guler honored with the Leica Hall of Fame Award

One of the most sought after photographers in Turkey, Ara Guler will be honored with the Leica Hall of fame award for his wonderful photography contribution. The lifetime work in photography by Ara made Leica camera AG to honour him with this prestigious award. Turkish photojournalist, Ara Guler was born in Istanbul on 16 August 1928. At 87 years old, Ara is a complex and unforgettable character; he is still sharp, irreverent, funny and philosophical. Ara Guler, arguably His impressive style of photography, which portrays the life in Istanbul and thereby earning the nickname ‘The Eye of Istanbul’.

Turkish Photographer Ara Guler honored with the Leica Hall of Fame Award

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Ara's philosophy on photography is that he attaches great importance to the presence of humans in photography and considers himself as a visual historian. He dislikes being described as an artist and, in his own words, ‘photography is not an art, it is more important than art’. The use of lights and perspective in black and white photos is new techniques followed by Ara. He is honored by innumerable awards which includes the title ‘Master of Leica’ in 1962 and in 1999 and was honored with the Turkish ‘Photographer of the Century’ award. In 1961 he was described as one of the best seven photographers by "Photography Annual.". The Leica Hall of Fame Award will be presented to Ara Guler in Istanbul at the end of this year.
The celebrated photographs of Ara Guler will be exhibited in photokina 2016 during September 2016. The exhibition is open for public viewing daily from 10.00 to 18.00 from 20 to 25 September.

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Know more about Ara Güler www.araguler.com.tr/aboutaraguler.html

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