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Animation Contest And Festival

Animation Festival: We celebrate the works of all animators across all age groups. Here you will find the latest news, updates, contest details on all 3D animation, 2d animation, 3d software, 3d animation software from across the world. Animation Festivals occur annually or bi-annually, so based on your interest you can apply for the animation contests. These animation festivals bring out the best in the animators, since their short animations 3d softwares will be viewed by a larger audience. During the animation festivals, workshops will be conducted by talented and experienced people, which is great knowledge sharing experience. You will have to book in advance for these animation festivals and early bird discounts apply too. Animation festivals usually last between 3 - 5 days, which includes workshops, after parties and so on. Bookmark this page for latest updates on the most happening animation festivals around the world.

Animation Contest and Festival

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