Asiagraph Reallusion Animation contest winners list after 48 hours long competition

Animation: Asiagraph Reallusion Award is one of the most important competitions in Taiwan. The competition started on 2013 and every year talented student animators are awarded. The contest includes local round and 48-hour final round, qualified team will participate in final round with the competitors around the world. 2017 Asiagraph's Reallusion Award winner is the team Adjustable Groove from the Surya University from Indonesia. The short animation-Sidewalk is all about a woman stuck in traffic jam while on her bike and she tries to find alternative routes. While sometimes the routes chosen by her is advantageous for many others it's not. It draws inspiration from Mr. Bean which was a family entertainer. The teams were given 48 hours to come with their winning animations and judgement was based on Story Directing skills, Software technique, Visual Performance and Character Creation.

Asiagraph Reallusion Animation contest winners  list after 48 hours long competition

The Best Film winning team will receive $10,000 cash reward and also a scholarship from Vancouver Film School. Best Creative team will win $3,000 cash, Best Director will win $3000, Best Faceware will receive goodies worth $3,995, Foundry award will receive goodies worth $3,645 and two outstanding teams will receive Asiagraph Official Certificate.

Best creative award animation yuan zi university1-best-creative-award-animation-yuan-zi-university Best director animation ming chuan university2-best-director-animation-ming-chuan-university Face creative animation senpai henshin3-face-creative-animation-senpai-henshin Foundry special award animation xplicit production4-foundry-special-award-animation-xplicit-production Outstanding award under the moonlight animation fadlan production5-outstanding-award-under-the-moonlight-animation-fadlan-production

Watch the Winning Videos Here:

The Best Director - Tang Hu Lu

The Best Creative -Thailand

Student Award

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