New Features on Adobe Photoshop CC Like Curvature Pen - Brush Upgrades

Adobe Photoshop has come up with exciting upgrades for brushes, curvature pens which can be used by designers, digital photographers, and illustrators. The new update is somewhat similar to the Adobe Illustrator. Some of the upgrades are : Stroke Smoothing, Streamlined Brush management, access to lightroom photos in Photoshop,variable fonts,share your work in social media, curvature pen tools, path options, rich tooltips, editing spherical panorama pictures in photoshop, learning panel and other tools. To know the entire features list, checkout adobe website.

New Features on Adobe Photoshop CC Like Curvature Pen - Brush Upgrades

Update your Adobe Photoshop CC now:

"Learning how to draw a curve doesn’t have to be so hard,” Adobe says. “We are releasing a new curvature drawing tool that is much more similar to Illustrator’s. If you have already invested the time to learn the current Photoshop pen tool, it’s still there for you, too. If you’re just getting started drawing curved lines, I suggest you start with the new one we are shipping today".

Check out how the new Curvature Pen tool works

Brush Strokes are much more easier now
Adobe photoshop brush upgrade1-adobe-photoshop-brush-upgrade

Spherical Panorama Editing Much Easier now
Panoroma editing adobe photoshop4-panoroma-editing-adobe-photoshop

Watch the New Features:

Adobe photoshop brush upgrade2-adobe-photoshop-brush-upgrade Lightroom integration adobe photoshop3-lightroom-integration-adobe-photoshop Beginners teach adobe photoshop5-beginners-teach-adobe-photoshop Dodge tool adobe photoshop6-dodge-tool-adobe-photoshop

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