Life at a village - Beautiful paintings by Tamilnadu artist Rama Suresh

Artist Rama Suresh's paintings gives us a glimpse of how life is at South India, which is famous for it's temples. Most of his paintings have women and men loitering around in the temples. He uses acrylics, oil pastels and watercolors for his paintings. His paintings are available at 'Art Expressions' which is a fine art studio and gallery which is located in Adyar, Chennai, India. He was quitepassionate about art right from an young age. He graduated with an MFA degree from the Government College of Art and Crafts, Chennai. During his initial years he was inspired by the art of Vincent Van Gogh and Shri K.M.Adimoolam. He uses the impasto technique(using knife) for his paintings. According to his website," want my art to appeal to everyone and be understood by people of all ages. In today's world, where everyone looks to the west to enrich their lives, I am inspired by the inherent ethnicity and traditions in our culture. Travelling the length and breadth of our vast country, I have painted real-life portraits of different people and cultures that have had an enormous impact on me. My work has as its backdrop, the history of a particular place, encompassing the architecture depicting the period". His paintings come alive with the lifestyle and culture of places he travels.

Life at a village - Beautiful paintings by Tamilnadu artist Rama Suresh

Painting women by ramasureshpainting women Painting chitchat by ramasureshpainting chitchat Painting threads by ramasureshpainting threads Painting templegirl by ramasureshpainting templegirl Painting padapooja by ramasureshpainting padapooja Painting women by ramasureshpainting women Painting grandfather by ramasureshpainting grandfather

Painting girl by ramasureshpainting girl Painting temple by ramasureshpainting temple Painting shadow by ramasureshpainting shadow Acrylic painting sisters by ramasureshacrylic painting sisters by ramasuresh Acrylic painting women praying by ramasureshacrylic painting women praying by ramasuresh Acrylic painting priest by ramasureshacrylic painting priest by ramasuresh Acrylic painting man by ramasureshacrylic painting man by ramasuresh Acrylic painting woman praying by ramasureshacrylic painting woman praying by ramasuresh Acrylic painting girl by ramasureshacrylic painting girl by ramasuresh Acrylic painting women by ramasureshacrylic painting women by ramasuresh

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