Life is but a Dream Figurative Acrylic Paintings by Martine Johanna

Martine Johanna acrylic paintings series were "Life is but a Dream" and "Dark Matter" which was held in Massey Klien Gallery, US and KochXBos Gallery, Amsterdam. Last year was full of Decay, dread and sad emotions, this years she hopes to have new beginnings and look at life with a fresh start. One of her first artworks was titled " The Beauty of Decay" and that was the time she had some dark moments in her life. Martine Johanna likes to explore color and beauty to bring out the innermost emotions on canvas. Her background as a fashion designer helped her to capture the beauty of women on canvas and they all seem to be distracted or looking for something in the future. Her paintings are autobiographical and seem to have some kind of clouded history with some additional abstract elements. Since 2008, Martine Johanna has been extensively travelling through America and Netherlands showcasing her painting talents. We are waiting for the 2019 exhibitions and catch a glimpse of her paintings before they are all sold out.

Life is but a Dream Figurative Acrylic Paintings by Martine Johanna

Acrylic paintings anticipation by martine johannaacrylic paintings anticipation Acrylic paintings arcadia by martine johannaacrylic paintings arcadia Acrylic paintings celestial messenger by martine johannaacrylic paintings celestial messenger Acrylic paintings lyingwait by martine johannaacrylic paintings lyingwait Acrylic paintings true detective by martine johannaacrylic paintings true detective Acrylic paintings heroine by martine johannaacrylic paintings heroine Colorful painting yenta by matt shorthaircolorful painting yenta

Colorful painting youdontknow by matt shorthaircolorful painting youdontknow Colorful painting thoreau by matt shorthaircolorful painting thoreau Colorful painting glory by matt shorthaircolorful painting glory Acrylic paintings newday by martine johannaacrylic paintings newday To Know More, Visit: Website | Instagram



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