Kitbash3d - 3D Architectural Store for VFX Designers

3D: CG Artists and designers there is a new store- KitBash3d which has been launched and now it is easy to learn CG Environments, concept art and matte paintings online. You can easily create skyscrapers, megastructures with amazing spacing.This kitbash3d will help you develop manga, anime, film and even video games. The 3D models have been created by Joshua Cotter and Cover Art by Maxx Burman. The file formats which can be used are .MA, .OBJ and .FBX. You can chose from four kits - Art Deco, Neo Tokyo, Gothic and Arabic. You can start building your own VFX empires using this kit. The price of each kit costs $199.You can buy them on their Kitbash3d site. 3D architectural asset store for concept artists, matte painters, illustrators etc.

Kitbash3d - 3D Architectural Store for VFX Designers

Kitbash3d 3d model kit by maxx burman2-kitbash3d-3d-model-kit-by-maxx-burman

Key Features:

KitBash3d gives you the perfect starting point to create better 3D worlds faster. These kits allow you to spend less time 3D modeling and more time creating.
Top industry VFX artists and designers dream up and create KitBash3d models so that anyone, regardless of their professional prowess, can produce incredible work at the level of industry all-stars.
KitBash3d does not want you to sacrifice quality for time. Our models have a flexible and clean geometry, UV’ed textures, and a mid poly count that makes them the premiere tool for top artists.

Kitbash3d 3d model by kitmaxx burman1-kitbash3d-3d-model-by-kitmaxx-burman Kitbash3d 3d model kit by nick hiatt3-kitbash3d-3d-model-kit-by-nick-hiatt Kitbash3d 3d model kit by nick hiatt4-kitbash3d-3d-model-kit-by-nick-hiatt Kitbash3d 3d model art decor kit5-kitbash3d-3d-model-art-decor-kit Kitbash3d 3d model arabic6-kitbash3d-3d-model-arabic Kitbash3d 3d model arabic7-kitbash3d-3d-model-arabic

Kitbash3d 3d model arabic8-kitbash3d-3d-model-arabic Kitbash3d 3d model arabic9-kitbash3d-3d-model-arabic Kitbash3d 3d model deco kit10-kitbash3d-3d-model-deco-kit Kitbash3d 3d model deco kit11-kitbash3d-3d-model-deco-kit Kitbash3d 3d model gothic kit12-kitbash3d-3d-model-gothic-kit Kitbash3d 3d model gothic kit13-kitbash3d-3d-model-gothic-kit Kitbash3d 3d model gothic kit14-kitbash3d-3d-model-gothic-kit Kitbash3d 3d model gothic kit15-kitbash3d-3d-model-gothic-kit Kitbash3d 3d model tokyo kit16-kitbash3d-3d-model-tokyo-kit Kitbash3d 3d model tokyo kit17-kitbash3d-3d-model-tokyo-kit Kitbash3d 3d model tokyo kit18-kitbash3d-3d-model-tokyo-kit Kitbash3d 3d model tokyo kit19-kitbash3d-3d-model-tokyo-kit

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