Cute 3D Models and 3D Character design ideas by Jason Knight

3D Models Design : Jason Knight is a 3D artist, illustrator from Salt Lake, Virginia, USA. He is a freelance artist with more than 33 years experience. According to his biography,"Digital media has allowed me to create and explore ideas faster and with greater freedom then ever before.A discovery of art software years ago expanded my creative exploration into all new realms. Today my pencils and paint brushes sit neglected and my mouse and Wacom art tablet receive much love". His 3D Models and character designs ideas are impeccable and they have delicate features. Most of his 3D Models designs are of little girls and women. Birds are not meant to be in cages and his idea of setting it free and it turns into a lovely young woman, is quite an interesting concept.

Cute 3D Models and 3D Character design ideas by Jason Knight

Noah 3d character design by jason knightnoah 3d character design Princess 3d character design by jason knightprincess 3d character design Free 3d character design by jason knightfree 3d character design Nest 3d character design by jason knightnest 3d character design Bird free 3d models by jason knightbird free 3d models Beauty 3d models by jason knightbeauty 3d models Hunteress 3d models by jason knighthunteress 3d models

Haircut 3d models by jason knighthaircut 3d modelsBeebe 3d models by jason knightbeebe 3d models

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