Super Villainy 3D Models and creative Character Designs by Olivier Couston

3D Models : Olivier Couston is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer from Belgium. He enjoys Pixar's animation movies and no wonder his 3D models are also inspired after these amazing 3D Characters. His 3D Characters are super cool and they look so chic and classy. Hope to see these 3D models in some short animations or even in animation movies. They look super cool. Specially loved the 3D Models villain, fan girl, she-fett and the admiral, they look so posh. Olivier has been a 3D Character artist for the past 15 years and she enjoys what she does. Hope you enjoy the 3d models and 3d characters and give her some love by visiting her website.

Super Villainy 3D Models and creative Character Designs by Olivier Couston

Villian 3d model by olivier coustonvillian 3d model Admiral 3d model by olivier coustonadmiral 3d model Blu 3d model by olivier coustonblu 3d model Girl 3d model by olivier coustongirl 3d model Fan girl 3d model by olivier coustonfan girl 3d model Heavy weapon 3d model by olivier coustonheavy weapon 3d model Punk 3d model by olivier coustonpunk 3d model

Hipster 3d model by olivier coustonhipster 3d model Justin 3d model by olivier coustonjustin 3d model Luke lucy 3d model by olivier coustonluke lucy 3d model She fett 3d model by olivier coustonshe fett 3d model Red 3d model by olivier coustonred 3d model Samus 3d model by olivier coustonsamus 3d model Bruce wayne 3d model by olivier coustonbruce wayne 3d model

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