10 Best Web Design Examples of Artist Pages/Websites Created With Website Builders

A website is important to the success of any new artist. Even if you’re a well-acclaimed artist whose artwork is displayed at international exhibitions, your fans and clients would want to view your work online. A well-designed website helps an artist in many ways. For instance, it makes selling art easier and helps in gaining more followers. Moreover, having a professional artist website shows you’re serious about your art career. 

10 Best Web Design Examples of Artist Pages/Websites Created With Website Builders

This post makes you familiar with some of the best web design example of artist websites that will surely give you the inspiration to create your own artist website. The best thing about these artist websites is, they all are built using website builders. Over the years, the use of website builders has increased. Some possible reasons for the same are:

● To work with a website builder, you don’t need to have any technical skills.
● No special design talent is required.
● A website is up and ready in no time.
● Most website builders come with collections of applications that can be used to add functionality to your website.

According toStatista, the market share of the leading website builders seems promising. As of 2018, Wix had a market share of 22.61% worldwide whereas Squarespace was just behind with 17.15%. It simply shows in the coming year, you may see more use of website builders, especially by non-technical users.

So being an artist, if you don’t have time and skills to go through the painstaking process of coding every page, you may also consider using website builders.

Now, let’s have a look at some amazing artist websites built using website builders.

Websites Built with Wix

1. Annie Ryan

Annie Ryan is a well-known illustrator and graphic image maker. She is known for creating illustrator designs and images, which she makes using mixed media. Her website is built on Wix technology. She has chosen a single page design, displaying her work in the image gallery. The website uses a parallax scrolling that makes background exceptionally amazing. You can check out all her recent artwork simply by scrolling the website. She has created a separate store section on her site named AnnieRyan Studio, where she lists her illustrations and other art items to sell.

If you are also into graphic image-making, you may go through this Wix-built site for inspiration.

Wix has numerous templates that are designed typically for creative artist websites. Some of the popular ones include: The Artist,3D Artist,Performing Artist,Theater Company,Modern Art Gallery,Art Exhibition, and more.

2. Brown Owl Creative

Brown Owl Creative is another well-designed website built with Wix. It's a company website which itself does web designing and branding. 

Speaking of design, it is a full-screen website that shows off the company’s flair for creativity using designs. The designs are inspired by retro buttons and fonts. When you hover over clickable sections available on the home page, you find your mouse icon changes to a Windows 98-like pointer.

Why Use Wix

In the past few years, the Wix website builder has become pretty well-known. It provides a simplified way to create a website. With Wix, you won’t need to install any software and buy hosting. 

Moreover, Wix supports an easy-to-use editor that helps you create your site just as you want it. Using a simple drag-and-drop method, you can choose different elements such as text, images, etc. and drag them to the place you want on your site.

If you’re not sure about choosing Wix, it has a free plan that you can choose to know whether or not the platform suits your requirements.

In addition to this, Wix has an App Market that has hundreds of applications. You can add one or two to spice up your artist website and take it to the next level.

Website Built with Weebly


3.Robbert Frank Hagens

Robbert Frank Hagens is a Netherlands-based photographer who is known for his art photography. The artist makes panoramas by helicopter and offers a bird’s eye perspective. Until now, he has captured the beauty of Florence, Paris and Amsterdam.

If you too keep the taste for photography and want to create your own website you take inspiration from Robbert Frank Hagens. The website is built using Weebly.

A premium Weebly Webfire theme has been used to create this art page. It has a zoom-in feature making website more eye-pleasing. The theme perfectly suits the requirements of a photographer. In addition to this, there are plenty of other templates which you can choose to create a photography website. Some of the popular ones include:Framework Theme,PhotoBox theme,MUSA theme,Deja Vu theme


4. The Box Bros

The Box Bros is another worth-visiting website built with Weebly technologies. The Box Bros & company was founded by two friends who make gift assortment that is both stylish and functional.

This website will win you over its exemplary use of minimalism. As you can see the website is not stuffed with too much content and images. The website has a static homepage having a logo and call-to-action button to its store. The design of the website is simple, elegant and effective at the same time. The store section also uses a minimalist layout. The white background enhances the readability of the product’s name and images.

Why Use Weebly

Weebly is an ideal website builder for artists. Its every design can be customized to fit your needs. Weebly features a grid structure that helps you create a clean layout. Its proprietary MP3 player and video are interesting too. You can host content exclusively on Weebly without depending upon streaming services like YouTube.

What makes Weebly distinct from other website builder is that it supports digital downloads. If you want to sell an ebook, it will be easier for your buyers to download it from your website.

Websites Built with Squarespace


5. Alissa Bell

Alissa Bell started her letterpress printing and design studio in the year 2012. She has chosen the Squarespace platform to present her artwork. When you visit her site, you see an intro page with a beautiful full-screen background photo along with a slogan and two call-to-action buttons.

The first button “Enter The Site” takes you to the site while the other button “Shop The Collection” is linked with the online shop from where you can buy different stationery items. The entire website uses pastel color palette making the website more refined.

Talking about the template, the Avenue template has been used which is well-suited for design portfolios and photography websites. The main feature of this template includes a grid display on the index page. Moreover, it supports customizable headers and footer on every page.

There are numerous other templates available on SquareSpace that best fulfills the requirements of artist pages such as Hayden, Bedford, Five, etc.


6. Darren Booth

It is another worth-visiting artist page that gives you an idea of how to design your own artist website.

Darren Booth is a Canadian lettering artist and illustrator. Some of his popular clients include Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Disney, and more. The artist knows how to make an eye-pleasing portfolio with Squarespace.

His website shows the great grid-based layouts. On the bottom, you can notice some social media buttons. The entire website design is uncomplicated. Except for important pages such as Blog, Shop, Illustration, Lettering, you wouldn’t find any other pages. Moreover, the white background emphasizes clarity and eliminates all visual obstacles.

Why Use Squarespace

Squarespace website builder is counted among the renowned website builders. Whether you are building a portfolio website or publishing a blog, Squarespace has templates for large numbers of niches. It has designs that artists demand earnestly. Most of their themes and templates design reminds of an innovative fashion magazine.

Apart from this, making a website is quite easy with Squarespace. It provides uncluttered design and easy customization. The interface is minimalistic too. Any artist with basic technical knowledge can work with Squarespace and create a professional website in a few minutes.

If you want to give it a try, you can take advantage of its free trial offer.

Squarespace also lets you build your own online store where you can sell your artwork.

Websites Built with Shopify

7. Rokos

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that can be used to create an art store. Many artists around the world have been using this platform to display their artwork to the world.

Rokos is one of the Shopify-built websites that showcases a collection of strange sculptures. It is a website of Jim Rokos who is a multi-award winning designer. His cat-food bowl was awarded Tomorrow’s World’s Best Inventions pilot (BBC) in the year 2012.

The website has a striking homepage showcasing all the important pages such asCollection News, About and Contact. Again you see the white background in this website making text and pictures clearer.

In addition to this, Rokos has made great use of parallax effect throughout the website. For social media profiles of Rokos, you will have to scroll down the website. The other pages you find there are Credits, Copyright, Privacy Policy, Subscribe, etc.

8. Pop Chart Lab

Pop Chart Lab makes infographic posters about everything from sports to nature to literature to alcohol to movies to comics. The website looks like one of the trendy prints they sell.

The website is organized in different categories depending on a viewer’s browsing preference. The first store at Pop Chart Lab has scroll-down navigation having subcategories such as Kids, Hip Hop, NYC, Wine, etc.

The website has a carousel having some of their top prints on display. Underneath the carousel, you see “Wholesale”, “Gift guides” and “Scratch -off” for visitors who are having a difficult time knowing what they want.

The entire shop looks simple even after displaying a wide range of print products.

Why Choose Shopify

Shopify website builder can be a good choice for artists who want to sell their art products and services across the world. The platform is easy-to-use and offers a complete solution with no technicalities related to hosting and development. Shopify itself offers software and hosting needed for launching an artist website.

This website building platform has a wide range of professional templates which facilitate the creation of visually appealing online stores.

The integration of different applications is quite easy with Shopify. Even if you don’t have any prior knowledge, you can easily add some extra features and functionalities to your store and enhance its value manifold. Apart from this, Shopify also provides round-the-clock customer support.


Websites Built with Jimdo

9. Huib Vintges Photography

Huib Vintges Photography is a website by a Dutch street photographer, Huib Vintges who captures weddings all over Europe. His website is built using Jimdo website builder.

Talking about the website, the homepage displays a slide of pictures clicked by him on different weddings. The website has black background making it sophisticated, elegant, powerful and mysterious. The home page is very simple listing different important pages on the top.

The website has a separate page for albums where visitors can check out several handcrafted fine art albums captured by Huib Vintges. This page also has a button named “Check Out My Recent Weddings”. Ittakes you to the recently captured weddings of Hub Vintage.

10. Seidenweiss

Dorothee Seidenweiss is a fashion designer widely known for making high-quality baby garments. The minimalist design of the website reflects Dorothee’s enthusiasm for her work.

The website has a clear arrangement of text and images. The columns elements are providing an uncluttered professional look to the whole website.

In addition to this, the multiple slideshows on the home page encourage buyers or shoppers to explore the website more. The website is an epitome of why “less is more” works.

The website is built using the “Rome” template that best suits the needs of artists like photographers, painters, fashion designer, sculptors and more.

Why Choose Jimdo

Jimdo is a classic website builder that offers everything you need to build a professional artist page. It takes the stress and expense of making a website and turns it into something that is accessible and affordable to everyone.

It has been designed for beginners. Adding and editing elements can be done via a few mouse clicks. Moreover, optimizing a site for a search engine is quite easy with Jimdo. It gives you full control over page elements such as the page title, description, and URL. Moreover, the builder uses SSL-encryption, which is one of the major ranking factors for search engines.

Jimdo has its own mobile app that lets you create a website using a tablet or mobile phone. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Final Note

Before you start building your artist website, spend some time finding the right website builder and template according to your business niche. You should also figure out the user-friendliness of your potential website builder.

Remember that, drag-and-drop functionality makes things easier. Choose a website builder that has an intuitive editor making each change easy to complete. Also, check with the website builder’s reputation.

So, these are some of the well-designed artist websites built using popular website builders that include: Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Shopify, and Jimdo.

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10 Best Web Design Examples of Artist Pages/Websites Created With Website Builders A website is important to the success of any new artist. Even if you’re a well-acclaimed artist whose artwork is displayed at international exhibitions, your fans and clients would want to view