Paintings and Drawings by Paul Alexander Thornton

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Paintings & Drawings by Paul Alexander Thornton – Artist and Pattern Designer Paul Alexander Thornton is an amazing artist and a musician from UK. He creates art and also captures the motion on his video. He believes art starts from the very first dot to the last shade of colours. When at school is favourite pass time was doodling with a pen, soon he mastered different kinds of shading with a pen and started his series of amazing art. Most of his works are on his current obsession like skulls, flowers and ball pens. In this post we have included several great works from Paul Alexander Thornton.

Skulls and flowers by Paul Alexander Thornton


Stop Motion Drawing 2: Sugar Skull


Stop Motion Drawing 3: Skull with rose eyes by Paul Alexander Thornton


Stop Motion Drawing 4: Red Rose in ballpoint pen


Stop Motion Drawing 5: Black Dahlia by 


Stop Motion Drawing 7: Faola the Puppy by 


Stop Motion Drawing 8: Penelope


Finishing a 2 year sketch book - Paul 


Rosa Damascena by Paul Alexander 


Art to East Africa meets Paul Alexander Thornton


Obsession:Repetition by Paul Alexander Thornton


Poppy drawn with ballpoint pens by Paul Alexander Thornton


The Skull of Trismegistus by Paul 


Hand drawn flowers by Paul Alexander Thornton


Raven standing on a skull. Drawing by Paul Alexander Thornton.

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