How to create a logo for university or college - Step by Step Tutorial

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Here, we are going to see how to create a logo for an educational institute / college / university. They use sheild as main part of the logo and some of their services will be represented by adding small icons inside. For examble they are teaching mechanaical engineering related courses.

Softwares used: I used Adobe Flash here. Adobe Illustrator also helpful while designing vector logos. 


1. Collect reference images

you can get lot of reference images from internet for Book, ribbon, shield, winners cup, pulse wheel and graduation cap icon. There are lot of shield models are available.  we have to choose the one for your logo. i am impressed with Liverpool logo sheild model and tried to modify it. 


2. Creating Winners cup Icon

I added below the step by step method. you can get an idea of adding lighting and glowing effect in different places. here i created two different options. first sample is in silver effect and the second one for golden effect in which i used "Advanced" effect and adjusted the colour by chaning R G B to gold.


3. Creating Book icon

I added below the step by step method. 


4. Creating Gear wheel icon

Find some references images from the internet and trace it by Flash. I added below the step by step method. 


5. Creating Graduation Cap

I added below the step by step method. 


6. Creating Sheild

I added below the step by step method. 


7. Getting Final Output by arranging all the icons.

I have placed the icons inside the shield . I separated the ribbon into two pieces and placed the ribbon corners into backside of the shield.  and added shadow of ribbon on the sheild. added necessary light effects for the sheild and ribbon. 


8. More Samples


9. Reference images

These below images i used for designing this logo. Ribbon samples and sheild samples will be useful for you. so that i am adding them here. Please add your comments below and share it with your friends.

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