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55 Creative Logo designs with Hidden messages - FIND IT NOW

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Hidden Messages In Logos

Hidden messages in logos : You can find a lot of logo designs which are classic, typographical logos, but here we have put together logos which have some kind of hidden messages in them. Logo designs need a lot of creativity and imagination from the graphic designers. In this post we have included 55 creative Logo designs with Hidden messages, Have fun searching for the messages. . My favorite logo designs are Eight, Goodwill, A.G Low, Chick fil A, Sony, Egg & Spoon, Mother and BrandUnion. Please tell us your favorite logo.

Hidden messages in logos

best-creative-logo-hidden-message Chick-fil-a : The Chick-fil-a logo incorporates a chicken into the C. Although this isn’t very hidden, it is still very clever.
best-creative-logo-hidden-message Newman: The reversible Newman logo is simple yet classy - Hidden messages in logos
best-creative-logo-hidden-message Life is good, especially when playing Pac-Man!


Elefont: Simple yet effective; part of an elephant’s trunk in the negative space inside the letter e.
best-creative-logo-hidden-message Baskin Robbins: Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors! The pink in the BR acts as the 31 and as the BR in the logo.
best-creative-logo-hidden-message Sony Vaio: The Sony Vaio logo symbolizes the integration of analog and digital technology. The “VA” forms an analog wave and “IO” represents a binary 1 and 0.
best-creative-logo-hidden-message Unilever: Unilever is one of the biggest producers of food, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products. They produce a huge amount of different products and they wanted to reflect this in their logo. Each part of the logo has a meaning. You can see bees, birds, dna, corn, flower, palm tree, and much more inside the “U”
best-creative-logo-hidden-message best-creative-logo-hidden-message best-creative-logo-hidden-message Museum of London: The Museum of London logo may look like a modern logo design but it actually represents the geographic area of london as it as grew over time.
best-creative-logo-hidden-message best-creative-logo-hidden-message Toblerone: The Toblerone logo contains the image of a bear hidden in the Matterhorn mountain, which is where Toblerone originally came from. [Hidden messages in logos]
best-creative-logo-hidden-message Sun Microsystems: This logo was designed by professor Vaughan Pratt of the Stanford University. Having a clever ambigram you can read the brand name in every direction; horizontally and vertically.
best-creative-logo-hidden-message best-creative-logo-hidden-message Schizophrenic: Another logo that plays in representational symbols while relating heavily to the brand name is the Schizonphrenic logo. Being a medical disorder that often depicts split personalities, the logo characterises this with simple shapes that depict a happy and sad face.
best-creative-logo-hidden-message best-creative-logo-hidden-message best-creative-logo-hidden-message best-creative-logo-hidden-message Northwest Airlines: The old Northwest Airlines logo may look like a simple logo but if you take a closer look the symbol on the left actually represent both N and W and because it is enclosed within the circle it also represents a compass pointing northwest.
best-creative-logo-hidden-message NBC: The NBC logo has a hidden peacock above the above text which is looking to the right, this represents the companies motto to look forward and not back, and also that they are proud of the programs they broadcast. [Hidden messages in logos]
best-creative-logo-hidden-message best-creative-logo-hidden-message Milwaukee Brewers : The old Milwaukee Brewers logo may look like a simple catchers mitt holding a ball, but if you take a second you will see the team’s initials M and B.
best-creative-logo-hidden-message London Symphony Orchestra: Do you see the “LSO” letters or an orchestra conductor?
best-creative-logo-hidden-message best-creative-logo-hidden-message Facebook Places: If you didn’t already know Facebook Places, is Facebooks new geolocational product. Which is in direct competition with the current leader in that area Foursquare. Now if you take another look at Facebook Places logo you will notice it is a 4 in a square now is this a coincidence or a dig at Foursquare?
best-creative-logo-hidden-message The Guild of Food Writers: The Guild of Food Writers (GFW) is an established organisation dedicated to excellence in food writing and culinary education. Mark closely and you can see a spoon inside the nib.
best-creative-logo-hidden-message best-creative-logo-hidden-message Yoga Australia Logo: At first glance the logo may look like a simple picture women's silhouette in a yoga pose, but if you take a second look at this image, you'll see how the negative space between her leg, hips and arm looks like Australia.
best-creative-logo-hidden-message A.G. Low Construction: In this logo, the name of the company is written in thin, square letters that hold a great purpose; they are designed to look like the floor plan of the house, which happens to be the company’s specialty. [Hidden messages in logos]
best-creative-logo-hidden-message Amazon: The Amazon logo is an extremely simple logo and while the arrow may just look like a smile it actually points from a to z. This represents that Amazon sell everything from a to z and the smile on the customers face when they bought a product.
best-creative-logo-hidden-message best-creative-logo-hidden-message The hidden logo with an elephant’s silhouette is defined by a giraffe and rhinoceros; the negative space of the animal’s hind legs are cleverly shaped by the twin spires of Cologne Cathedral.
best-creative-logo-hidden-message best-creative-logo-hidden-message It is a concept logo design for Project X Construction. It uses the FedEx concept of incorporating the arrow between‘t’ and ‘X’. [Hidden messages in logos]
best-creative-logo-hidden-message Reminiscent of the Families logo, this hidden logo shows a mother and child holding hands using the letter “M”
best-creative-logo-hidden-message At first glance it may appear to be "I heart You". But the hidden logo has a different meaning. Amazingly the heart is twisted to spell out “Hate”.
best-creative-logo-hidden-message It’s somewhere in between an excellent use of negative space and an ambigram – using a font to spell the word “truce” that fits within itself when flipped upside-down.
best-creative-logo-hidden-message This creative logo designed for a Dutch financial advice company looks like 3 ravens, but the negative space in between contains yet another raven.
best-creative-logo-hidden-message A random and rough typography concept that uses all the letters in the word ‘BONES’, and create with half bones. [ Hidden messages in logos ]
best-creative-logo-hidden-message This hidden logo exhibits one of the best and clever use of negative space. Notice how a plug and a cord is extended through the word "Electric".
best-creative-logo-hidden-message This is a perfect example of negative space. The "D" has been carefully hidden in the "HIDE". At first, the word "HIDE" can be read with the small "D" in white, but if you watch closely, the black space shows a "D" as well.
best-creative-logo-hidden-message As you can notice, the negative space between the four arrows makes another arrow that goes the opposite direction. It signifies the meaning of countercurrent logo.
best-creative-logo-hidden-message This logo design is a very creative use of negative space that shows many animals within one another. Inside the horse you will locate a dog, a cat and a bird.
best-creative-logo-hidden-message The Hartford Whalers logo has 3 different aspects in it which makes the logo, Two parts of it are hidden messages, At the top the blue shape is meant to represent a Whale's Tail, the green shape at the bottom is a green 'W' to represent the Whalers, Also in the negative space between the tail and the 'W' spells out a letter 'H' which stands for Hartford. The colours used for the logo represent the teams colour and also they stand out. There is no font used on the logo so it may be confusing to what the logo stands for.
best-creative-logo-hidden-message GreenLabs: This logo is just not a simple green tree, but if you look at the tree crown, you’ll see that it can also be interpreted as a brain. The logo lays emphasis on the strong intellectual capabilities of the company’s staff and also reflects ‘green’ and ‘labs’ parts of their name. [ Hidden messages in logos ]
best-creative-logo-hidden-message Carrefour Logo: This French international hypermarket chain translates to “intersection” in English. If you look very closely you will notice that the big “C” in the white space. The two arrows are pointing in opposite directions.
best-creative-logo-hidden-message The F1 logo is a fairly simple one to figure out. The negative space in the middle creates the 1. best-creative-logo-hidden-message The FedEx logo look like a plain text based logo but if you take a second look between the E and the x you will see an arrows which represents the speed and accuracy of the companies deliveries. [ Hidden messages in logos ]
best-creative-logo-hidden-message Eighty20: The eighty20 logo is a bit of a geeky one to figure out, the two lines of squares represent a binary sequence with the blue squares being 1′s and the grey squares being 0′s. Which makes 1010000 which represents eighty and 0010100 which represents 20.
best-creative-logo-hidden-message best-creative-logo-hidden-message Egg and Spoon [ Hidden messages in logos ]
best-creative-logo-hidden-message Continental is a manufacturer of tyres. You could actually see this in their logo, because the first two letters create a 3-dimensional tyre.
best-creative-logo-hidden-message Goodwill: The “g” in “goodwill” and the smiling face look quite similar huh?

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