25 Beautiful Digital Caricatures and Paintings by Javier Martinez Sanchez

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Digital Caricatures by Javier : Artist Javier Martinez Sanchez has been drawing and sketching ever since he was a kid. He loves to do portrait caricatures of people and celebrities. He has more than 16 years of experience as an Illustrator, Concept Designer, Background Painter, Art director and Texture creator. With his wide knowledge in graphic designing he has worked with some of the top notch companies and has worked on many video games, editorials and advertising. He is always eager to learn more and increase his capabilities in 3D Modeling, Digital Paintings and animation. Visit Javier Martinez Sanchez's website www.jmsartworks.com. In this post we have included 50 Beautiful Digital Paintings and caricatures by Artist Javier Martinez Sanchez. i hope you will like these digital caricatures,


Bogart Cagney Basil Hitch Vincent Cushing Wayne Ben-Hur Dracula Lucas Lasseter Angelina Megan Ben Locke Desmond Captain America The Ultimatum of Klaatu Flying Racers Haunted Mansion Winter Wonderland

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