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Historical Watercolor Paintings are available in unique Digital Library

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To preserve the fragile paintings which easily fade away with the passage of time an ambitious project by watercolour world backed by the The Prince of Wales and his Wife The Duchess of Cornwall is launched. The aim of the project is to create a unique visual history of the world by giving online users access to digitalised documentary of watercolours dating from before 1900. The work is already in progress with thousands of pictures uploaded and it would become a significant source of global history when it is launched next year march.

Historical Watercolor Paintings are available in unique Digital Library

The technology partner of the project is PFU, a fujitsu company which helps Watercolour World with its state-of-the-art scanning equipments to digitalise, preserve and bring back the historic watercolours into life. A online catalogue will be available by next year march to explore the digitalised documentaries of watercolours dating back before 1900.

Once the library starts functioning the images will be geolocated on a world atlas for everyone to explore the location of the past centuries and to identify the unknown locations. If you own original watercolours painted before 1900 or a real place or event and are happy to share, then The Watercolour World says to get in touch with them.

Watercolour digital library1-watercolour-digital-library Watercolour digital library2-watercolour-digital-library Watercolour digital library by william daniell3-watercolour-digital-library-by-william-daniell Watercolour digital library by robert william allan4-watercolour-digital-library-by-robert-william-allan

Watercolour digital library by guy peppiatt fine art5-watercolour-digital-library-by-guy-peppiatt-fine-art

Watercolour digital library6-watercolour-digital-library Watercolour digital library by henry bonham bax7-watercolour-digital-library-by-henry-bonham-bax Watercolour digital library by henry bonham bax8-watercolour-digital-library-by-henry-bonham-bax Watercolour digital library by william gershom9-watercolour-digital-library-by-william-gershom Watercolour digital library by herbert menzies10-watercolour-digital-library-by-herbert-menzies

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