Lose Weight, Play Pokemon Go - 3d Animation game for Android, IOS

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You must be wondering how one can lose weight, playing the Pokemon Go game. Well it's a strategy and location based game, where the player has to be physically present at the location to finish missions are to equip themselves. Normally we visually gamers, sitting in front of the computers or tv trying to attack the villians and screaming their guts out like "Yay', "Come On" and so on.Pokemon Go has been released a month back in more than 30 countries and gamers are thrilled by the new type of game. In Pokemon Go, you have Pokeshops, where you have to reach a certain place to buy materials on your android phone or IOS phone. Sometimes you have to reach a Pokegym, where you have to fight with other contestants to take over their gym(not a physical fight).

Lose Weight, Play Pokemon Go - 3d Animation game for Android, IOS

pokemon go 3d game

After Pokemon Go's release, you can see so many kids, running in the streets or walking in the park in circles and it has caused quite a stir.
“From a fitness standpoint, the reason I like Pokemon Go is because it gives me a very fun reward system for the amount of time and distance I put into both my runs and walking while playing that game,” said Chrono to LabRoots. Chrono is a pseudo name and he is a hard core gamer. According to Chrono, "There are a lot of incentives in the game that make me want to explore and move,” he continues. "Particularly since the eggs in the game, which can give you very rare pokemon, can only be opened by walking distances - not driving. [The distance required to open] the eggs range from 2 km to 10 km, so if you’re running a couple miles a day, you’ll be hatching eggs at a very quick rate.” Plus, opening eggs gives you XP (experience points), which you need to level up and become stronger. "So not only are you achieving success in the game, but you’re also achieving goals that you want for your own self physically.”

pokemon go 3d game pokemon go 3d game pokemon go 3d game pokemon go 3d game pokemon go 3d game pokemon go 3d game pokemon go 3d game pokemon go 3d game pokemon go 3d game pokemon go 3d game So if you are a hard core gamer, I'm sure you will be fit and trim playing this Pokemon Go.

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