Monster island - Funny 3D Animation Movie Trailer And Review

3D Animation Movie: Monster Island is an American animation movie, where a young boy named Lucas discovers he is a monster. His father used to give him an inhaler to stay human. One day when he goes to a party, he forgets his inhaler back home and on that fateful night he turns into a monster and scares all children. Luckily his father brings him back his inhaler and he turns into a human again. His father tells him that he is from a monster island in Calvera. Lucas wants to meet his other fellow monsters so he starts his journey to meet his other monster counter-parts. Monster Island was released on July 21st 2017. It has a 6.6 rating out of 10 in imdb. The animation movie was directed by Leopoldo Aguilar. The attention to detail to the monsters is what makes this animation movie very unique. There are squid monsters and humongous monsters who tower over people.Two of my favorites are the two police officers. I love their banter as they try to catch Lucas, but always fail. I love how the pumpkin monster is the “brains” of their team while the deer head monster is the tough dumb one.

Monster island - Funny 3D Animation Movie Trailer And Review

Lucas uncle is not a monster, but since he is a scientist he tries to become a monster all the time. He feels so left out that his remaining family members are all monsters. The message from the movie is - Accept yourself as you are and the whole world will not be lonely anymore. The storyline is very interesting and you don't find the monsters scary at all, in fact they will all make you laugh. Try to watch this movie and let us know your rating for the movie

Trailer here:

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