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how green is your internet (a look at digital carbon emissions)
How Green is Your Internet (A Look at Digital Carbon Emissions)
is that a fish in your ear? (language’s effect on the human experience)
Is That a Fish in Your Ear? (Language’s Effect on the Human Experience)
conan o'brien kinetic typography animation
Conan O'Brien Kinetic Typography Animation
claymation video: fyfe dangerfield
Claymation video: Fyfe Dangerfield
kennedy chiu - 2009 modeling and texturing demo reel
Kennedy Chiu - 2009 Modeling and Texturing Demo reel
character modeling reel - ryan dunne
Character Modeling Reel - Ryan Dunne
3d demo reel 2008 hd
3D Demo Reel 2008 HD
dennis mejillones 2009 show reel
Dennis Mejillones 2009 Show Reel
character modeling reel 2011
Character modeling reel 2011
character modeling reel by louie ishii
Character Modeling Reel By Louie Ishii
zbrush alien resurrection newborn 3d model
Zbrush Alien Resurrection Newborn 3D model
kyle donaldson character modeling reel 2011
Kyle Donaldson Character Modeling Reel 2011
final fantasy 6 kefka dancing mad zbrush sculpt
Final Fantasy 6 Kefka dancing mad ZBrush Sculpt
zbrush figure sculpt turn table
ZBrush Figure Sculpt Turn Table "Delusions of Grandeur"
spawn_model- demonstration
Spawn_Model- Demonstration
batman - redesign - juan elias
BATMAN - redesign - JUAN ELIAS
the batman - comicon challenge 2008 - work in progress - turntable
The Batman - Comicon Challenge 2008 - Work in Progress - Turntable
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