Top 10 Famous Indian Photographers with their Best Photos

Famous Indian Photographers

We have added top 10 famous indian photographers and their award winning photos. India is a rich country with vast amount of flora and fauna and our Indian photographers make the best out of it. The indian photographers have excelled in many categories of photography: Wildlife, Fashion, Advertisement, Documentary and more. Many people who have a passion for photography quit their high paid jobs and pursue a career in photography. Photography is a soul satisfying job, either you click it or frame it. Famous Indian photographers and the best Indian photographers are either self taught or pursue a degree in some of the top art institutes in India. The well known art college in India is JJ School of arts in Mumbai.

Famous Indian Photographers

1. Raghu Rai - New Delhi

Raghu Rai follwed his passion in photography since 1965. He is a prominent photogrpaher and has worked on several social and political causes through his photography. He worked with green peace during the Bhopal gas leak in 1984 and portrayed the lives of the victims through his photography. In 1972, he was awarded Padmashree award by the Indian government to honor his photography work. He currently lives in Delhi and works as a correspondent for Magnum photos. Famous indian photographer raghu raifamous indian photographer raghu rai Portrait photography by raghu raiportrait photography Street photography by raghu raistreet photography
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2. Dabboo Ratnani - Mumbai

Dabboo Ratnani is a popular indian fashion photographer. He is quite popular for his kingfisher calender shoots. He was born in Mumbai in 1971. Dabboo Ratnani has worked in a Hindi movie named 'Heroine'. For the past 19 years, in January, Dabboo Ratnani launches a new series of celebrity calender, which is looked forward to by the film industry. Famous indian photographer dabboo ratnanifamous indian photographer dabboo ratnani Fashion photography smoke by dabboo ratnanifashion photography smoke
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3. Atul Kasbekar - Mumbai

Atul Kasbekar is a top indian fashion photographer and film producer. He was born on 22nd April 1965. He became through his Kingfisher Calender photo shoots and is one of the most sough photographers by many Indian celebrities. Carl F Bucherer has nominated Atul Kasbekar as the brand ambassador for its watches. Famous indian photographer atul kasbekarfamous indian photographer atul kasbekar Fashion photography model by atul kasbekarfashion photography model

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4. Dayanita Singh - New Delhi

Famous indian photographer dayanita singhfamous indian photographer dayanita singh Portrait photography by dayanita singhportrait photography Dayanita Singh refers to herself as 'bookmaker who works with photography'. She was born on 18th March 1961 at New Delhi. Her styles of photography are: Documentary and Portrait. Her portrait photography focuses more on the lives of the elite and middle class. So fasr she has released 8 books and they are very narrative and each book is a new experience. In April 2018, she was awarded Infinity Award by Museum Bhavan.
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5. Sooni Taraporevala - Mumbai

Sooni Taraporevala is a famous indian photographer, screenwriter and flim producer. She was born in January 1957 and currently lives in mumbai. She is best known for her screenwriting of 'Mississippi Masala'. Through her photography she focuses on the lives of ordinary people in mumbai. Famous indian photographer sooni taraporevalatop indian photographer sooni taraporevala Street photography palm sunday by sooni taraporevalastreet photography palm sunday
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6. Rathika Ramasamy - Theni

Rathika Ramasamy was born in a small town in Theni and is an amazing wildlife photographer. She enjoys taking wildlife photos of birds and animals in jungles and forest. She has travelled extensively to many national and international sanctuaries. In 2005, she was part of the Clean Ganga Campaign and her photography was exhibited at 'India International Center' at New Delhi. Top indian photographer rathika ramasamytop indian photographer rathika ramasamy Bird photography by rathika ramasamybird photography Bird photography owl by rathika ramasamybird photography owl
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7. Arjun Mark - Mumbai

Arjun Mark is popular for his advertisement photography featuring many celebrities. He has successfully completed several advertising photography campaigns and his favourite was with Farah Khan. He keeps reinventing his style of photogrpahy, since he doesnt want to be tagged as a specific photographer. He doesnt like people posing for his pictures, instead asks them to live and feel the theme. Top indian famous photographer arjun marktop indian famous photographer arjun mark Fashion photography by arjun markfashion photography
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8. Prabuddha Dasgupta - Mumbai

Prabuddha Dasgupta was a popular fine-art photographer(1956 - 2012). His sense of fashion and fine -art photography were mostly controversial, but his hardwork and passion made him one of the popular photographers. He has published several photobooks title: Women, Ladakh, Edge of Faith and more. His photography works are popular worldwide. Top indian photographer prabuddha dasguptatop indian photographer prabuddha dasgupta Fashion photography by prabuddha dasguptafashion photography
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9. Gautam Rajadhyaksha - Mumbai

Gautam Rajadhyaksha was one of the popular fashion photographers in India. His favorite celebrities for fashion photography were Kajol, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. His death was one of the saddest moments in the film industry, since he was one of the talented fashion photographers in the industry. During his lifetime, he published photobooks 'Faces and Anjaam' and his works have been published San Fransico, Dubai, London and in several parts of India. Top indian photographer gautam rajadhyakshatop indian photographer gautam rajadhyaksha Travel photography by gautam rajadhyakshatravel photography
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10. Sudhir Shivaram - Karnataka

Sudhir is an inspiring wild life photographer from Hassan, Karnataka. He was born in 1942 and completed his education in Malnad College of Engineering. He conducts photography tours for children and adults, while enjoying nature, you can take photography lessons from him. Top indian photographer sudhir shivaramtop indian photographer sudhir shivaram Wildlife photography deers by sudhir shivaramwildlife photography deers
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