Top 15 YouTube Channels for Photographers - Photography Tutorial Channels

You do not need to step into the classroom to get master-classes to learn Photography. Yes, you only need a YouTube account to start with. With the huge number of YouTube channels out there, it’s nearly impossible to settle on one video or YouTuber to start with. That’s why we curated this list of the top 15 YouTube channels for Photography.

Top 15 YouTube Channels for Photographers - Photography Tutorial Channels

1. Adorama

Adorama Youtube channel provides you with preeminent video sources for photography. From studio lighting, video editing, and compact cameras to Photoshop, audio gear, and photographer interviews, it has something for all visual creators wanting to have more fun and a better experience with their camera.

Best photography youtube channel adoramabest photography youtube channel
Visit Adorama Youtube Channel


2. Mango Street

Here you can get more and more photography tutorials.

Best photography youtube channel mango streetbest photography youtube channel
Visit Mango Street Youtube Channel


3. Fstoppers

Fstoppers is a community of photographers, videographers, and other creative professionals focused on sharing reviews, photo tricks and tips, tutorials, and news.

Best photography youtube channel fstoppersbest photography youtube channel
Visit Fstoppers Youtube Channel


4. Irene Rudnyk

Irene Rudnyk, a professional photographer from Calgary, Canada provides photography tutorials.

Top photography youtube channel irene rudnyktop photography youtube channel
Visit Irene Rudnyk Youtube Channel


5. Serge Ramelli Photography

Serge helps you to create better photos to increase your chances of success as a photographer. He will help you master your camera, develop in Lightroom and take it to the next level with Photoshop and other software.

Best photography youtube channel serge ramelli photographybest photography youtube channel
Visit Serge Ramelli Youtube Channel


6. Karl Taylor

Karl has been a professional photographer for more than 20 years. His work is published internationally and he regularly works for some of the world's leading companies. Karl became involved in the photography training market ten years ago after hosting lectures in photography and finding he had a knack for explaining the subject in an entertaining and understandable way.

Best photography youtube channel karl taylorbest photography youtube channel
Visit Karl Taylor Youtube Channel


7. Thomas Heaton

This channel is all mostly about landscape photography.

Best photography youtube channel thomas heatonbest photography youtube channel

Visit Thomas Heaton Youtube Channel


8. SLR Lounge | Photography Tutorials

SLR Lounge is a photography community dedicated to providing photography tutorials, Lightroom Tutorials, Photoshop Tutorials, photography news and more.

Best photography youtube channel slr loungebest photography youtube channel
Visit SLR lounge Youtube Channel


9. Ed Gregory

Weekly Lightroom tutorials and Photography tutorials with Ed Gregory from Photos In Colour. Ed Gregory is a master photographer giving Lightroom tutorials, Photoshop tutorials and photography tutorials.

Top photography youtube channel ed gregorytop photography youtube channel
Visit Ed Gregory Youtube Channel


10. Nigel Danson

Nigel Danson is passionate about landscape photography and the great outdoors. Follow him to view adventures taking beautiful landscapes in the UK and US.

Best photography youtube channel nigel dansonbest photography youtube channel
Visit Nigel Danson Youtube Channel


11. Brendan van Son

Travel photography vlog by professional photographer, Brendan van Son. His travel photography channel gives you a behind the scenes look into the day in the life of a travel photographer wherever he may be taking pictures.

Top photography youtube channel brendan van sontop photography youtube channel
Visit Brendan van Son Youtube Channel


12. Faizal Westcott

This channel is based on street photography. If you are interested in it just check it out.

Best photography youtube channel faizal westcottbest photography youtube channel
Visit Faizal Westcott Youtube Channel


13. Jamie Windsor

It is all about photography related tips, reviews and techniques. Jamie Windsor teaches the art of photography rather than being an overly gear-heavy channel.

Top photography youtube channel jamie windsortop photography youtube channel

Visit Jamie Windsor Youtube Channel


14. Academy of Photography

Here you can get photography tutorials, video, creativity, and hopefully in a more interactive and funny way.

Best photography youtube channel academy of photographybest photography youtube channel
Visit Academy of Photography Youtube Channel


15. Jimmy McIntyre

Photography tutorials created by experienced travel photographer, Jimmy McIntyre - helping beginners and advanced photographers alike. Learn to master Photoshop. This channel teaches it all, from beginning Photoshop techniques, Photoshop Secrets, to advanced Digital Blending techniques

Top photography youtube channel jimmy mcintyretop photography youtube channel
Visit Jimmy McIntyre Youtube Channel


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