Award Winning 2018 Sculpture in the City - London is Open for Submissions

Sculpture: 2018 Sculpture in the City one of the prominent festivals in London is open for submissions and the deadline for receiving applications is November 16 2017. It's a cultural initiative organised by the City of London along-with local business in the country. According to City of London, "The aim of Sculpture in the City is to use the area as a contemporary urban gallery space and showcase cutting edge art in an area represented by the iconic contemporary towers but also the layers of history nestled amongst the towers". Since 2011, Sculpture in the City has witnessed stunning contemporary works created by renowned sculptors and artists. Most of the sculpture exhibits are in 3D and sometimes you can also witness sculptures which are hung down to create an aura of beauty. The submitted sculpture artworks should be available for display between May 2018 - 19.

 Award Winning 2018 Sculpture in the City - London is Open for Submissions

You can submit your works here

Enquires : sculptureinthecity[at]

For more info visit curatorspace

Colors sculpture by daniel buren1-colors-sculpture-by-daniel-buren Reminiscence sculpture by fernando casasempere2-reminiscence-sculpture-by-fernando-casasempere Black shed expanded sculpture by nathaniel rackowe3-black-shed-expanded-sculpture-by-nathaniel-rackowe Plastic bags sculpture by martin creed4-plastic-bags-sculpture-by-martin-creed Apple tree boy girl sculpture by paul mccarthy5-apple-tree-boy-girl-sculpture-by-paul-mccarthy Shaun sheep sculpture in city london6-shaun-sheep-sculpture-in-city-london Ajar sculpture by gavin turk7-ajar-sculpture-by-gavin-turk

Girl sculpture in city london8-girl-sculpture-in-city-london Still water sculpture in city london9-still-water-sculpture-in-city-london Lightbox sculpture in city london10-lightbox-sculpture-in-city-london

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