20 Creative Photo Manipulation works from top designers - 2018

Photomanipulation is an art since it takes an active creative mind to create something illusionary. At times it's difficult to identify photoshopped works, since artists spend a great deal of time and energy to make them realistic. Did you know that the first photoshop product was released in 1990 by the knoll brothers? The first heliography was founded by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1825, when he printed the first picture from a photoengraved plated. Since then many photomanipulation softwares are used for photo retouching, photo restoration, photo manipulation and many. The most popular photomanipulation software amongst photographers is Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is an amazing software with many versatile features and styles, which is sure to be loved by one and all.

20 Creative Photo Manipulation works from top designers - 2018

Photo manipulation woman by gled abenojarphoto manipulation woman Photo manipulation animal tiger by witsel carryphoto manipulation animal tiger Photo manipulation woman by paulo bertphoto manipulation woman Photo manipulation woman flowersphoto manipulation woman flowers Photo manipulation by clockworkdesignsphoto manipulation Photo manipulation by arunmkphoto manipulation Photo manipulation color effectsphoto manipulation color effects

Photo manipulation nature by shibupavizhaphoto manipulation nature Photo manipulation by emmanuveljojiphoto manipulation Photo manipulation paint splash effect by witselcarryphoto manipulation paint splash effect Photo manipulation elephant animal by dikshitcherwoophoto manipulation elephant animal Photo manipulation elephant by gamal eldienphoto manipulation elephant Photo manipulation travel trekking by mrxertyphoto manipulation travel trekking Photo manipulation city clock by ahmed samirphoto manipulation city clock Photo manipulation advertising by diyephoto manipulation advertising Photo manipulation gym by ahmedsamirphoto manipulation gym Photo manipulation effect by chandrakantphoto manipulation effect Photo manipulation double exposure by emi hazephoto manipulation double exposure Photo manipulation fish woman by paulobertphoto manipulation fish woman Photo manipulation advertising mobile by rodrigo raiolphoto manipulation advertising mobile


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