50 Best Photo Manipulation works from Famous Creative Designers - Part 3

Photo Manipulations

Have you heard of the term, your photo has been photoshopped? Well, it's a neat trick by graphic designers for manipulation of your photos. With a little bit of blending and merging the photos, the graphic designers allow their inner creativity flow through the photos. Photo manipulation works are very personal and it takes you to a magical land where everything you see is surreal. What exactly is photo manipulation? It's the blending of images to a surreal level with photo editing which requires design software like Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is the most sought after software for photo manipulation works, the blending and merging along with custom brushes can give stunning results. Check out the stunning photo manipulations created with twisted concepts by some of the famous designers across the world. Point us your favorite in the comments section.

Photo Manipulations

photo manipulation fire by marco zagaraphoto manipulation fire photo manipulation zebra by phuoc nguyenphoto manipulation zebra photo manipulation bike road kawasaki ad by staudinger frankephoto manipulation bike road kawasaki ad fire photo manipulation by bagus donyfire photo manipulation witch photo manipulationwitch photo manipulation photo manipulation stonephoto manipulation stone photo manipulation broken glass lake waterphoto manipulation broken glass lake water

photo manipulation turtle by marco zagaraphoto manipulation turtle photo manipulation city clock by ahmed samirphoto manipulation city clock best photo manipulationbest photo manipulation splashing effect milk photo manipulation dimitrisplashing effect milk photo manipulation dimitri smoke photo manipulation by bagus donysmoke photo manipulation wedding photography photo manipulation by ekkachaiwedding photography photo manipulation pencil bullet photo manipulationpencil bullet photo manipulation landscape photo manipulationlandscape photo manipulation photo manipulation retouching by michael oswaldphoto manipulation retouching photo manipulation by anil saxenaphoto manipulation


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