First VR Short Animation Film by Nick Ladd

Animation: Escape- An Animated Short film, shot within a span of four days using VR. VR is still in development mode, since most animators still take the help of 2d animation to build a story line and characters. What is so special about this short animation -Escape is the storyline, animations have all been created within the VR environment. Nick Ladd used both drawing software Quill and the VR animation program Animivr to create a virtual 3D space, which is completed with frame to frame animations.

First VR Short Animation Film by Nick Ladd

Escape vr animation by nick ladd1-escape-vr-animation-by-nick-ladd

Escape - A Short animation using VR by Nick Ladd

The story has a stick figure on a skatebboard who is being chased by police in vans and helicopters. The stick figure uses tubes, tunnels, pipelines, forests to escape from the police. The look and feel of the film looks something out of a hollywood sequel. According to Nick Ladd,"Drawing in VR is actually a very intuitive experience.Being able to see depth while you work and rotate by grabbing with your hands saves a lot of time". VR draing is still in it's early stages, now that Ladd has opened doors to Full VR short animations, we can find more of these films in the near future.

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