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20 Stunning Double Exposure effect photos from top designers

Double Exposure Effect
Double exposure photography is nothing but blending two images together in a fun away and wait for an awesome result. Before digital cameras photographers used the manual films which were exposed twice to get the similar effect. However the result with manual double exposure effect is not very decisive, you are always in for a...

Top and Best Logo apps for designers - Android IOS and Windows

Logo Design App
Logo App: These apps make the lives of a logo designer very easy. There are hundreds of different and fonts and templates which can be used as the base and designers can easily build on it to create a beautiful logo within minutes. A logo is an important entity for all kinds of business and nowadays since most companies have gone...

Top 10 Best Graphic Design Apps and Tools for Designers

Graphic Design App
Free graphic design apps on Android makes the lives of graphic designers very comfortable. We have included some of the most popular and free graphic design apps which is a must for all smart phone users. If you have a smartphone which has a big screen like more than 7" then you must try the Graphics for layers, F.R. which was...
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