Emmy Awards for Best Animation short film - Samurai Jack Bags Four Awards in Animation

Samurai Jack is an American animated series and the final season has bagged themselves four wins in the 2017 Emmy Awards. Samurai Jack is all about a shape shifting wizard Aku and a young samurai Jack. Jack is sent into a future and he has to find a portal to get back into the present to defeat the evil wizard. The four artists who won for Samurai Jack were Bryan Andrews (storyboard artist), Scott Wills (production designer), Craig Kellman (character designer), and Lou Romano (background designer). All the awards were won in individual achievements in the animation category. Here is a list of other winners:

Emmy Awards for Best Animation short film - Samurai Jack Bags Four Awards in Animation

Animated Program:

Bob's Burger - Bob Actually (Fox)

Bob burger emmy award winner animation1-bob-burger-emmy-award-winner-animation

Character Voice-Over Performance

Family Guy “The Boys In The Band” (FOX) Seth MacFarlane as Peter Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Brian Griffin, Glenn Quagmire

The boy in the band family guy emmy award winner3-the-boy-in-the-band-family-guy-emmy-award-winner


Original Interactive Program

The People’s House – Inside The White House With Barack And Michelle Obama (Samsung/Oculus) Felix & Paul Studios and Oculus
People house emmy award winner nomination4-people-house-emmy-award-winner-nomination

Individual Achievement in Animation (juried award)

Samurai Jack “XCIII” (Adult Swim)
Bryan Andrews, storyboard artist

Samurai Jack “XCIII” (Adult Swim)
Scott Wills, production designer

Samurai Jack “XCII” (Adult Swim)
Craig Kellman, character designer

Samurai Jack “XCV” (Adult Swim)
Lou Romano, background designer

Samurai jack emmy award winner nomination5-samurai-jack-emmy-award-winner-nomination


Wander Over Yonder “The End of the Galaxy” (Disney XD)
Justin Nichols, character animator
Wander over yonder emmy award nomination6-wander-over-yonder-emmy-award-nomination


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