Stunning Geometric and Abstract Digital Art with Mindblowing Colors by Fractist

Digital Art: Fractist is a Digital Art group from China on social media, where chinese artists showcase their talents through the portal. According to Wikipedia,"Fractal art is a form of algorithmic art created by calculating fractal objects and representing the calculation results as still images, animations, and media. Fractal art developed from the mid-1980s onwards. It is a genre of computer art and digital art which are part of new media art". Did you know Algorithmic artists are called as Algorists. Digital art created by fractals are usually in a defined shape which follows the geometric patterns like ovals, spirals, circles and so on. The combination of these shapes and patterns along with a splash of colors is a visual treat for the eyes.

Stunning Geometric and Abstract Digital Art with Mindblowing Colors by Fractist

Flower digital art by fractist1-flower-digital-art-by-fractist Flower digital art by fractist2-flower-digital-art-by-fractist Flower digital art by fractist3-flower-digital-art-by-fractist Lotus digital art by fractist4-lotus-digital-art-by-fractist Explosion digital art by fractist5-explosion-digital-art-by-fractist Flower digital art by fractist6-flower-digital-art-by-fractist Star digital art by fractist7-star-digital-art-by-fractist

Seahorse digital art by fractist8-seahorse-digital-art-by-fractist Flower digital art by fractist9-flower-digital-art-by-fractist Flower digital art by fractist10-flower-digital-art-by-fractist Mineral digital art by fractist11-mineral-digital-art-by-fractist Pentacle digital art by fractist12-pentacle-digital-art-by-fractist Fireflies digital art by fractist13-fireflies-digital-art-by-fractist Vault digital art by fractist14-vault-digital-art-by-fractist Dandelion digital art by fractist15-dandelion-digital-art-by-fractist

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