21 Different Types of Brochure Designs to suit your marketing needs - Part 2

Different Types Of Brochure Designs

Brochures are the most common type of marketing tools used by a business to explain their services and products. Though the world is moving towards a digital platform, brochures still play an important role in marketing. Generally, brochures portray professionalism and create trust in the company in the customer's mind. There are different types of brochure designs that companies use for different purposes. They use brochures to introduce a new product, improve the company’s visibility and attract new customers. Different types of brochure folds are available in the market to accommodate as much information as possible. Organizations come up with different types of brochures to suit their purpose and needs. Let us throw light on different types of brochure designs available in the market. This article will give you an idea of what brochure to choose for different activities to promote your business effectively.

Different Types of brochure Designs

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Types of brochure designs based on their purpose 

Company Brochures

Company brochures are the basic type of brochures found in all offices. We usually find information regarding the company, their services and the organization history in these brochures. Generally, companies use tri-fold brochures because they are compact yet, can accommodate more content and graphic images. We can also use gate fold brochures because two front panels are next to each other. We can use this to present a single, large stunning image.

Corporate avg brochure designcorporate avg brochure design Creative brochure designcreative brochure design Company brochure design by template labcompany brochure design


Sales brochures

Organizations use these brochures as advertising or promotional brochures to explain their services and products. They contain detailed information and specifications about the products. Companies place these brochures on countertops or racks near counters where people can easily find them. Hence, we need these brochures to occupy less space. We commonly use Z-fold, roll fold and double parallel fold patterns for sales brochures.

Sales brochure design of southwest home servicessales brochure design of southwest home services Sales brochure design samplesales brochure design sample


Event brochures

These are brochures that carry information regarding an event such as conferences, trade fairs etc. We can use a no fold pattern brochure to give details about the event. However, events such as charity balls and fundraisers will have a lot of information to display. In such cases, brochures with z-fold patterns give an elegant look.

Event brochure design template for a conference by piktochartevent brochure design template for a conference Events brochure design for a mud volleyball gameevents brochure design for a mud volleyball game


Spec sheets

These brochures are of great use to the sales department of a company. They carry all details about the products such as the price, product image, design specifications, model number, etc. Hence, customers can find all information about the product in this single brochure. Half-fold and no fold patterns of brochures serve best as spec sheets.

Spec sheet brochure design of a jewellery storespec sheet brochure design of a jewellery store Spec sheet brochure design of vinyl color guidespec sheet brochure design of vinyl color guide


Flyers and leaflets

Flyers and leaflets are a single sheet of papers. Companies print them in large quantities and distribute them in high-traffic public places. They usually carry information about any new product promotions, offers, discounts, etc. They are relatively cheap and reach a large group of audience. Flyers can be inexpensive photocopies to high-quality, shiny printed materials.

Flyer designflyer design Flyer designflyer design Flyer design template for a realestate businessflyer design template for a realestate business Flyer design of an automotive brand eventflyer design of an automotive brand event



Menus are a popular form of brochures in restaurants and resorts. Nowadays, there are takeaway menu brochures available in restaurants offering door delivery. They usually use no fold or bi-fold brochures to display the menu in dine-in restaurants and tri-fold brochures to give away to customers during takeouts. Some companies also print coupons or offers along with the menus to promote their organization.

Restaurant brochure designrestaurant brochure design Pizza menu brochure designpizza menu brochure design



Sometimes, companies send brochures through mails to a list of contacts whom they consider might be potential consumers. These brochures act as a bridge between the organization and the customer. They introduce your organization to new people. Hence, it is wise to choose a brochure that is unique and will stand out from other brands. Folding patterns such as accordion, French fold and double-parallel fold are suitable for mailers.

Direct mailer brochure sample of a real estate companydirect mailer brochure sample of a real estate company Direct mailer flyer sample of car dealership by kopywritingdirect mailer flyer sample of car dealership


Folders and inserts

Folders and inserts are unique brochures with multi-functional purpose. These types of brochures attract the attention of the public among hundreds of brands in an event show, exhibition or conference. They contain a folder option within the brochure. Organizations can place coupons, vouchers, feedback forms or any business materials within these folders. These additional documents placed in the folders are known as inserts.

Folds and inserts brochure by lunatrix designfolds and inserts brochure Folders and inserts dutch design by carol liaofolders and inserts dutch design


Presentation folder

Companies widely use presentation folders in formal corporate presentations. They usually follow a bi-fold brochure folding pattern. All content relevant to the presentation is organized in order of the presentation. These brochures carry all information and provide adequate knowledge about the company to clients.

Presentation folders design templatepresentation folders design template Presentation folders samplepresentation folders sample


Leave behind brochures

Generally, these brochures are distributed by the sales team after a sales pitch to a client. As the name suggests leave behind brochures are left at the client’s place. Leave behind brochures highlights the company’s features and promotes brand recognition among clients. They act as a gentle reminder about the company to the clients when they are in a decision-making stage.

Leave behind brochure design sampleleave behind brochure design sample Leave behind brochure design by kristenelle coronado.leave behind brochure design


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