30 Different Types of Art Sculptures based on their Media and Techniques - Part 2

Different Types Of Sculptures

Sculptures are the most creative forms of art, where the artist’s imagination gains a three-dimensional look. It is an ever-growing art form evolving and changing to the likes of the contemporary world. We can create different types of sculptures using a wide variety of media such as rocks, wood, metals, paper, fabrics, rubber, plaster, etc. Be it small or huge, these three-dimensional structures made through different sculpture techniques continue to stand as a bridge connecting our past and present. The contemporary world has come up with different types of sculpture without confining them to carved objects or statues. We can classify this most appealing visual art form into several types based on the sculpture techniques, the media and the forms in which they are available. Let us look into different types of sculptures ranging from the traditional to modern sculptures.

Different Types of sculptures

7. Modeling Sculptures

Sculptors work on soft materials such as wax or plaster to build sculptures of their desired design. Modeling is an additive process where we create sculptures by adding the sculpting media to attain the desired shape. Unlike carving, we can change the shape of modeled sculptures while working on them.

Modeled sculpture in wax donald trump by saint chaffraymodeled sculpture in wax donald trump Modeled sculpture in wax donald trump hillary clintonmodeled sculpture in wax donald trump hillary clinton Modeled sculpture selena wax by madamemodeled sculpture selena wax Clay sculpture by matias sierraclay sculpture by matias sierra Ceramic sculpture by christopher david whiteceramic sculpture by christopher david white


8. Assembled Sculptures

Similar to modeling, assembling is an additive process. The sculptor uses any different material, puts them together to attain the desired sculpture. The artists are free to use any type of materials such as discarded materials, scrap and everyday objects to create the sculpture. The sculptors can use techniques such as welding and gluing to put the three-dimensional artwork together.

Assembled sculpture compass points by george hartassembled sculpture compass points Assembled sculpture bridging between by tiffany schmiererassembled sculpture bridging between

Dream sculpture by the sea by faith semizdream sculpture by the sea by faith semiz Scrap material sculptures 11scrap material sculptures 11 Scrap metal sculpture john lopezscrap metal sculpture john lopez Sculpture scrap metal by robert coudraysculpture scrap metal by robert coudray Scrap material sculptures 23scrap material sculptures 23 Copper wall art sculpture by pierre mattercopper wall art sculpture by pierre matter

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9. Installation Sculptures

Installation sculptures are also known as site- specific sculptures. Installation sculptures are conceptual artworks of the contemporary world. The sculptors use various objects from different media and give the desired form to the sculpture on a large area. These sculptures have the potential to transform large spaces or the complete room into an artwork.

Installation sculpture diversity wild by okuda san miguelinstallation sculpture diversity wild Street art installation by thomas dambostreet art installation by thomas dambo Street art installation by thomas dambostreet art installation by thomas dambo Street art installation by thomas dambostreet art installation by thomas dambo Street art installation by thomas dambostreet art installation by thomas dambo


10. Kinetic sculptures

Kinetic sculptures are modern concepts which use movement of the sculpture is an integral part of the sculpture design. The most commonly used techniques to construct kinetic sculptures are diffusion of colored water, smoke, mercury, bubbles and oil. Some artists also rely on water; wind and electricity to propel movement in their sculptures. These sculptures constantly challenge the viewer’s perception of the artwork.

Kinetic sculpture by anthony howekinetic sculpture Kinetic sculpture steel david cernykinetic sculpture steel david cerny Kinetic sculpture in steel by david cernykinetic sculpture in steel Kinetic sculpturekinetic sculpture


11. Earthwork sculptures

Earthwork sculptures, commonly known as land art are created by interacting with nature. This sculpting technique is highly conceptual. The artist sculpts the land itself or makes structures in the landscape using natural materials like rocks or twigs.

Earthwork sculpture by patrick doughertyearthwork sculpture Earthwork sculpture by andy goldsworthyearthwork sculpture


Types of sculptures based on the media

The types of sculptures based on the media used for sculpting are given below. This list comprises of and may not be confined only to a wide range of media from the traditional stone or wood to randomly found materials such as wire or paper.

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