5 Best Animated Short Film Nominees of 93rd Oscars Award

Creativity never dies in any dire situation and the animated short films nominated for the 93rd oscar awards prove these words. The pandemic has held our lives back but the directors of these five short films proved the world that nothing is impossible when one has the will to do it. Impressing the audience in a short time of 6 to 16 minutes is not an easy job and it has happened in all five movies Burrow from the US, If Anything Happens I Love You from South Korea, Opera from Iceland, Yes-People and Genius Loci from France. The best animated short film award was won by "If Anything Happens I Love You".

5 Best Animated Short Film Nominees of 93rd Oscars Award

If Anything Happens I love You

This is a 12-minute sketchbook-style 2D animation and tells the grieving story of parents who lost their young daughter in a school shooting. The film is directed by Will McCormack and Michael Govier. The film is filled with classical style music of Los Anges Composer Lindsay Marcus and animation director Youngran Nho's watercolour splashes to show the emotions and it doesn't have dialogues. This film is available on Netflix.

Animated shortfilm if anything happens i love youanimated shortfilm if anything happens i love you

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This is the story of a charming young rabbit and its journey of digging a burrow of her dreams about which she had no clue. The rabbit has not taken help from her neighbour's mole and mouse instead ends up in trouble. The story explains that it's ok to ask others for help. The film was produced by Pixar Animation Studios and was directed by Sharafian. This film is available on Disney +.

Animated shortfilm burrowanimated shortfilm burrow

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Genius Loci

This is a 16-minute 2d animation that tells the story of a loner Reine, who imagines a mythical world beneath the urban disturbances. The hallucinations of Reine depicted in abstract art with an unpredictable mixture of sounds. The film is directed by Adrien Merigeau and produced by Amaury Ovise. Genius Loci has won Glas 2020 Grand Prix and FX Network sponsored FXX Elevation Award.

Animated shortfilm genius locianimated shortfilm genius loci

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Opera showcases the animated edition of Renaissance fresco mural paintings which portrays society and history. This 9 minutes 2d/3d.CG short film is directed by Eric Oh. The movie covers emotions through the director's unique touch of human life, fear, sadness, hope, comedy and thought. The living piece of art questions the mechanisms of our society.

Animated shortfilm operaanimated shortfilm opera

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The film revolves around the eclectic mix of Icelander's daily struggles, from school and work to their alcohol addiction and marital intimacy. Yes-people is written and directed by Gisli Darri Halldorsson. The short film has received the Best European Short Film at the Weird International Animation Film Festival in Spain, the Children's Choice Award Nordic Youth Category at Nordisk Panorama in Sweden and many more.

Animated shortfilm yes peopleanimated shortfilm yes people

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