Award winning wildlife photos from Windland Smith Rice Photography contest

Wildlife Photography: Nature's Best Photography by the Windland Smith Rice is an annual event and it celebrates the joy of photography and nature. This year more than 26000 entries were received and it was a whopping success. You can see the award winning wildlife photography here. It's one of the most respected awards in the wildlife photography. 2017 Grand Prize winner was Lakshitha Karunarathna and the winning picture was a pride of lioness found in the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. The winner of the African Wildlife was Piper Mackay with giraffes joined at the neck and it was taken in Samburu National Reserve, Kenya. Winner of the 2017 Youth photographer of the year was Ashleigh Scully with her two brown bear cubs and the picture was taken in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska. Windland Smith Rice Award celebrates the life of animals living in wild like reserve forests and conservations. Have a look at the beautiful set of wildlife photographs which was submitted for this years jury.

Award winning wildlife photos from Windland Smith Rice Photography contest

Lioness natures best award winning photography by lakshitha karunarathna1-lioness-natures-best-award-winning-photography-by-lakshitha-karunarathna Young bears windland awards photography by ashleigh scully2-young-bears-windland-awards-photography-by-ashleigh-scully Deer windland awards photography by chase opperman3-deer-windland-awards-photography-by-chase-opperman Ram windland awards photography by josiah launstein4-ram-windland-awards-photography-by-josiah-launstein Playtime windland awards photography by louis pattyn5-playtime-windland-awards-photography-by-louis-pattyn Animal windland awards photography by louis pattyn6-animal-windland-awards-photography-by-louis-pattyn Prey windland awards photography by zachary webster7-prey-windland-awards-photography-by-zachary-webster

Giraffe windland awards photography by piper mackay8-giraffe-windland-awards-photography-by-piper-mackay Lion windland awards photography by amy shutt9-lion-windland-awards-photography-by-amy-shutt Thirst windland awards photography by anna mart kruger10-thirst-windland-awards-photography-by-anna-mart-kruger Silhoutte animals windland awards photography by bence mate11-silhoutte-animals-windland-awards-photography-by-bence-mate Hyena windland awards photography by bence mate12-hyena-windland-awards-photography-by-bence-mate Flight windland awards photography by max waugh13-flight-windland-awards-photography-by-max-waugh Parched windland awards photography by richard hebhardt14-parched-windland-awards-photography-by-richard-hebhardt Frog windland awards photography by jaime culebras15-frog-windland-awards-photography-by-jaime-culebras

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