20 Award Winning Photos from Weather Photographer of the Year 2020 Contest

AccuWeather partnered with the Royal Meteorological Society on their "Weather Photographer of the Year" 2020 contest this year. As determined by the judges, Rudolf Sulgan is Weather Photographer of the Year for 2020. The best photos make me feel like I was having their experience. "Blizzard" does this for me. I feel the chill of the winter air, the snowflakes hitting my face and the people enjoying the snow, with older folks remembering previous snows and children just forming memories that will last for years. The framing is impeccable and pleasing. It captures that moment when snow is falling so hard that it adds a ghostly, otherworldly essence to your surroundings.

20 Award Winning Photos from Weather Photographer of the Year 2020 Contest

In addition to the judges' voting, more than 11,000 readers voted this image to the top and declared Alexey Trofimov Weather Photographer of the Year for 2020. The blue color in this photo is just spectacular, like nature's own wonderful turquoise gemstone. I've never been north of New England, so these arctic views fascinate me. Captured forever is this moment in time when the leaf slowly froze into the water, but more importantly, as the winner says, it's a strange juxtaposition of seasons -- summer taken over by winter, and I think the progression of the seasons is always fascinating. Recognizing this juxtaposition is why Kolesnik is "Young Weather Photographer of the Year." Alluring but peaceful scene was captured on a misty morning in Vietnam. It's not just the United States that gets beautiful shelf clouds like this. Europe gets severe thunderstorms as well; in fact, there are many amateur and professional storm chaser photographers in Croatia.

The winners are:

  • 1st place:Rudolf Sulgan with 'Blizzard'
  • 2nd place: Lori Grace Bailey's 'Predawn Thunderstorm over El Paso'
  • 3rd place: Joann Randles with 'Under The Rainbow'
  • 4th place: Boris Jordan with 'Mammatus Outbreak'
  • 5th place: Laura Hedien with 'Frosty Bison'
  • 6th place: Tori Jane Ostberg with 'The Red Terror'
  • 7th place: Sabrina Garofoli with 'Dream'
  • 8th place: Maja Kraljik with 'Monster'
  • 9th place: Mikhail Shcheglov with 'Before a storm'
  • 10th place: Vu Trung Huan with 'Tea Hills'

Weather photography a predawn thunderstorm over el paso by lori weather photography a predawn thunderstorm over el paso Weather photography cloud formation mammatus outbreak by boris jordanweather photography cloud formation mammatus outbreak Weather photography frozen life by kolesnik stephanieweather photography frozen life Weather photography baikal treasure by alexey trofimovweather photography baikal treasure Weather photography el chalten by francisco javier negroniweather photography el chalten Weather photography the red terror by tori jane ostbergweather photography the red terror Weather photography first light by mat robinsonweather photography first light

Weather photography tea hills by vu trung huanweather photography tea hills Weather photography long road by mat robinsonweather photography long road Weather photography blizzard by rudolf sulganweather photography blizzard Weather photography forsty bison by laura hedianweather photography forsty bison Weather photography dam wet by andrew mccarenweather photography dam wet Weather photography monster by maja kraljikweather photography monster Weather photography trees and fog by prestonweather photography trees and fog Weather photography a thirsty earth by abdul mominweather photography a thirsty earth


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