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500 Year Old Leonardo Da Vinci Stolen Painting Seizes Italian Police

A 500-year-old painting is returned to the museum. It was discovered in a flat in Italy. The museum staff was not aware this painting had been stolen. The painting was a copy of Salvator Mundi was painted by Leonardo da Vinci. It was found in Naples in a bedroom cupboard on Saturday.  It is believed that this was a copy that was painted by one of the students of da Vinci.

15 Anatomically detailed 3d model designs by Vahid Ahmadi

15 Anatomically detailed 3d model designs by Vahid Ahmadi
Checkout these anatomically detailed 3d model designs by Vahid Ahmadi. Vahid Ahmadi is a 3d model character sculptor from Abu DhabiUAE. He currently takes virtual classes for zbrush 3d models. His 3d models are very realistic and it's hard to believe they were created using Zbrush and other 3d modelling softwares. The 3d models are mostly fantasy themed and we are introduced to elves, warriors. Most of the 3d models are women and they are portrayed in a powerful manner as warriors and fighters. The clothes, accessories,...

Worms Eye View Photography Contest by 500px - Entries before 27 Mar 2021

Worm's eye view or shooting low inspires a new angle and perspective to photography and creates a lot of different compositions.  500px is a leading online network for photographers launched in 2009 and has millions of members from across the world.  Lot of photographers share their beautiful images in 500px and get a worldwide exposure and learn about their counterparts.  The 'get low' context requires the photographers to point their camera up to get a unique and powerful shot.  The editors...

Lexus Car Art Contest announces winners - Decoration with Paper Petals

Any automobile aficionado, especially a Lexus fan, is aware the company promotes its car focusing its design and creativity. It is all about craftsmanship and art.  The Zen Garden is the attraction that infers the Japanese classical meditation garden. It is a masterpiece that won the car design contest among the six other submissions. It was submitted in Valencia, Spain by Clap Studio. Jordi Iranzo and Angela Montagud, the winning artists presented the key qualities of UX’s technology, innovation, design, and...

Crucial life lessons portrayed through Photo Manipulations by Antti Karppinen

Crucial life lessons portrayed through Photo Manipulations by Antti Karppinen
Surreal life lessons are portrayed beautifully through the digital illustrations by Antti Karppinen. People buy tickets for a better world view, totally unaware of what is in store for them. People are sometimes stuck due to work and home pressure. Valuable life lessons are intelligently portrayed through the digital illustrations. The smooth transitions in the photo manipulations are the biggest highlight in this series of digital illustrations. Photo manipulation hiden face by antti karppinen Photo manipulation hidden...

Renowned Paintings of the Replication Artist Adam Lowe - The Liberator

Renowned Paintings of the Replication Artist Adam Lowe - The Liberator
The grandest spaces in the whole of the mighty Victoria and Albert Museum are the Cast Courts, built high enough to hold a full-scale replica of Trajan’s Column in Rome, which is colossal even in two pieces. No less imposing are the London museum’s 19th-century copies of Michelangelo’s David, not to mention its duplicates of Viking carvings and even the entire front of a Spanish cathedral. All these casts, which were recently cleaned, are a curious spectacle. But there’s one exhibit here that brings...

Dufys Electricity Fairy the largest Painting in the world receives a debonair in Paris

The Electricity Fairy is one of Dufy’s incredible paintings in 600 square feet. It is a colorful marvel chosen for Heritage experiences. It sounded to be Dufy’s new imagination and became the biggest hit as his most remarkable works.  Duffy took to revealing the classical time of the 1930s recalling the story of light and how daily life was affected.

20 Beautiful 3D Model Character Designs by Yekaterina Bourykina

20 Beautiful 3D Model Character Designs by Yekaterina Bourykina
Yekaterina Bourykina is a lead 3D model artist at Riot Games, Los Angeles, California. The skins of the 3d models texture are quite mind blowing. The 3d models of artist Yekaterina Bourykina have been featured in many video games like Aphelion Episode 1: Graves of Earth, World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, World of Warcraft: Legion, League of Legends and more. The 3d models of warriors, witches, fairies are loaded with accessories and they are portrayed very beautifully. She uses Zbrush, Substance painter, keyshot, v-...

12 Breath-taking Aerial Photographs of UNESCO World Heritage Sites to make your day1

12 Breath-taking Aerial Photographs of UNESCO World Heritage Sites to make your day1
Since aerial photography became more common and accessible, we’ve been able to see many iconic places from a totally new perspective. And if you’d like to see UNESCO World Heritage Sites from a bird’s view, Overview is just the place. On its website and social media. There are both cultural and natural sites, and you can see them all from a different point of view. UNESCO-united nation educational scientific and cultural organization. Since 1972, UNESCO has been working to preserve monuments around the...

Stunning Animal Clay Sculptures by Korean artist Sungjae Kim

Animal Clay Sculptures
Clay Sculptures: Sungjae Kim is a character designer and illustrator from Korea. Most of her characters designs are clay sculptures and she enjoys creating them. She enjoys making animal clay sculptures out of modelling clay and her love for animals is shown so clearly through her work. According to Sungjae Kim biography, "I am a character designer and illustrator. I make most of my characters out of modeling clay. I especially enjoy making animal models since I love animals. I try to make my characters expressive and...

Vikas Joshi Artist in Ludhiana stamp his mark in India Book of Records

Vikas Joshi, a Ludhiana resident, is a passionate artist, and his painting forays in the India Book of Records. He is an investor by profession.  In the lockdown months, Vikas Joshi rediscovered his talent and made use of it in his spare time. It was a hard time for everyone and Joshi constructively used this difficult phase following his passion. The result is his oil painting ‘Parineeti’ has created its way to enter the India Book of Records.  The oil painting took Joshi over five months to complete...

Hyper Realistic Digital Paintings with Procreate and Apple ipad by Jinsung Lim

Hyper Realistic Digital Paintings with Procreate and Apple ipad by Jinsung Lim
Jinsung Lim uses procreate software for his beautiful digital paintings. Jinsung Lim is a freelance digital artist from Seoul, South Korea. He enjoys writing illustration books and he uses his ipad pro for creating his digital paintings. Let's just say he is quite serious about his hobby, but we absolutely love his digital art. Till date he has created 130 digital artworks with procreate and ipad pro. He takes on commission work, so if you have any requirement for digital artworks you can email to jinnii70 [at] gmail....

Pioneers in Terracotta handicrafts and Home Decor items by Rural Indian Artisans

Handlooms and handicrafts in India relate to heritage. Despite social and economic significance, the ground for the Indian handloom industry was taking a side-step. Fortunately, today’s young minds, Ranodeep Saha, initiated a start-up, Rare Planet focused on the uplifting of rural artisans. He launched in 2017 while he was pursuing from IIT, Kalyani his BTech degree. Rare Planet is on a mission to provide employment to millions of rural Indian artisans and to elevate Indian handicrafts indigenous worldwide. Vijay...

100s of Recycled Rubber Tires turned into stunning Life-Like Sculptures by Blake McFarland

100s of Recycled Rubber Tires turned into stunning Life-Like Sculptures by Blake McFarland
Blake McFarland is a recycled materials artist from San Jose. Initially he started his art career with acrylic paintings. He had a passion for surfing and he put that to good use by painting on surfing boards which were very popular. In 2013, he stumbled upon ture sculptures and he has turned into a wonderful sculptor. Each sculpture takes him more than a month to create. According to his website,"Blake portrays the animal’s muscle structure and fur using tires with different treads and widths. It is safe to say...

Villagers - 10 Stunning Crochet Sculptures by Liisa Hietanen

Crochet Sculptures
 Villagers is a beautiful crochet sculptures created by the artist Liisa Hietanen. She is a finnish artist, who enjoys creating life sized crochet characters of neighbors and others. She makes her life sized sculptures using crochet and knitting. She graduated as Bachelor of Design from Lahti University of Applied Sciences in 2007 and as Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tampere University of Applied Sciences in 2012. She currently lives and works in Hameenkyro, Finland. She created her fellow villagers from Finland into...

15 Award Winning Photographs from Lake Superior Magazine Photo Contest

Lake Superior Magazine's 26th annual photo contest results were announced which had hundreds of participants from 11 states or provinces and one foreign country(India).  Sara Smith of Madison Heights won the overall grand prize for her "Froggy's Picture Day '' at Wright Street Falls in Marquette.  Sara won a grand prize of $200, a 2021 Lake Superior Wall Calendar and a one year subscription to Lake Superior Magazine, along with a certificate and bragging rights.  First place winners earn...

International Architecture Competition The Container Studio - 10 Apr 2021

Introduction Designers- the inventors of obiects and makers of spaces- have offices which are especially known for their informal and collaborative nature. Here, ideas can come from the most unusual inspirations and interactions. For these creative thinkers, the o(fice can be a place to spend entire days, and often nights, brainstorming an idea, stimulating thought, and making abstract concepts come to life. At times of deadlines or proiect handovers, the office or the studio can turn into a haven, where designs...

20 Colorful Indian Watercolor Paintings by Kerala Artist Kannan Chithralaya

20 Colorful Indian Watercolor Paintings by Kerala Artist Kannan Chithralaya
Kannan Chithralaya is an experienced portrait watercolor painting artist from Thrissur, Kerala. He conducts live workshops on portrait watercolor paintings on his Instagram handle. The portrait watercolor paintings are so photorealistic and sometimes makes you wonder if it's really possible with watercolor. His experience in watercolor paintings have helped him gain awards and accolades to his name. He is a national level watercolor award winner. His watercolor painting works are mostly based on the people and sceneries in...
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