6th International Mental Health Photography Exhibition 2021

TEHRAN – COVID-19 has become the central theme of the 6th Mental Health International Exhibition of Photography as the disease has turned into the world’s major issue over the past year.

Rustic Handmade Miniature Art Sculptures by Abdul Rahman Eid

Miniature Sculptures
You are looking at the great miniature artworks by Abdul Rahman Eid. Lets say this guy has a great talent for miniature art like rebuilding the houses in Jeddah. The rustic old villages, apartments which focuses on the lifestyle and culture of people of Jeddah. Abdul Rahman Eid is a talented artist, sculptor from Syria. We absolutely love the little antique pieces, the little dressers they are a pleasure to watch. He makes tiny antique pieces and uses the tweezers to place them on his miniature art to re-create from the...

Shutterstock acquires 3D Models website TurboSquid for $75M - signals that future photography without camera

Shutterstock, Inc., a leading global creative platform announced that it pays $75 million, to acquire TurboSquid, Inc., positioning Shutterstock as the world’s largest 3D marketplace. Shutterstock’s investment in this sector indicates that photography won’t always involve cameras in future. For over 20 years, TurboSquid has been a 3D industry leader, offering a unified 3D workflow, and operating a marketplace offering of more than one million 3D models, a 2D marketplace derived from 3D objects, and a...

Spring Flower Photography Competition – 31 March 2021

While out on your daily allowance of exercise, why not stop for a short, socially distanced moment to take a photo of some spring flowers? The Chelsea Physic Garden is running a competition looking for photographs of spring flowers from wherever you. Your photograph must contain at least one spring bloom but otherwise, let your creativity run wild. While they will be happy with photographs of the usual suspects (snowdrops, daffodils and hellebores), in keeping with their theme of “taking notice” they’re...

15 Excellent Award Winning Sea Animal Photographs from Ocean Photography Contest

Oceanographic magazine presented the Ocean photography awards to honour the photographers, is “a celebration of our blue planet and a platform to shine a light on the threats facing the ocean,” explain the organizers. The awards consists of six categories that includes Ocean conservation, Ocean exploration, Ocean adventure, Young ocean photographer, The collective portfolio award, The community choice award, and the overall winner, the Ocean Photographer of the Year.

Diverse Seasons Landscape Watercolor Paintings By Adem Potas

Diverse Seasons Landscape Watercolor Paintings By Adem Potas
Adem Potas's watercolor paintings are so full of life. The landscape and scenery paintings seem so real, that we want to get lost amongst the fields and ride the waves. The snow capped trees, luscious fields are so intensely created with a touch of magic we would say. Adem Potas is an artist from Turkey. He is a self taught artist and we would say that he has come a long way to melt our hearts with his melting snow paintings. Nature has plentiful to offer with so many seasons, likewise Adem Potas explores nature through his...

What is Computational Photography and why does it matter

We can say Computational photography is a boon for photographers; it makes amazing strides in the camera to produce better quality images. Let us see what it is and why does it matter as follows.

15 Creative and Award Winning Designs from A Design Contest 2020

15 Creative and Award Winning Designs from A Design Contest 2020
There’s been a shake up this year in A’ Design Award’s 2020 World Design Ranking (WDR)! China surpassed the United States of America to rank number 1 among 108 represented countries. The U.S. took the number 2 spot followed by Japan, Italy, Hong Kong, Great Britain, Taiwan, Germany, Turkey and Australia. The 2020 design rankings of countries is based on the number of design awards won at this world renown international juried design competition. There were 86 platinum design awards won globally and two new...

Italian Artist Sets World record By Selling Rare Botticelli Portrait for $92.2 Million

A rare Botticelli portrait at an auction in New York at Sotheby’s on Thursday sold for $92.2 million, making it Rs.6722 million. It has set a new world record by the Italian artist. The price of $92.2 million at the auction was conducted on the phone and online by bidders. This work of the 15th-century has been known as “Young Man Holding a Roundel, ” had already a presale estimate of $80 million. However, Sotheby’s thought it will fetch over $100 million.

Mystery Unseen Eccentric and Colorful Paintings by Matt Shorthair

Mystery Unseen Eccentric and Colorful Paintings by Matt Shorthair
Get ready to hold on to your seats, you are about to watch psychedelic artwork by Matt Shorthair. The colourful paintings resembles more of a newspaper collage, where many things are cut and pasted. One look at the paintings and it takes u back to the 80s where color pop was very popular. The posters designs had colourful background and you will be able to identify only one or two characters. Similarly, Matt Shorthair's artwork seems to be screaming with some message about freedom of women. The paintings prominently focuses...

Monochrome Photography Contest 2021 and Winning Black and White Photos

The Monochrome Photography Awards 2020 has announced the winner of black and white photography recently. Ksystof Mozyro won the Monochrome Photographer of the year 2020 for his arresting photograph “Opponents” taken at a Black lives matter rally in London. Further, the Monochrome Discovery of the Year award won by Svetlin Yosifov, for his ‘Portrait Woman Mursi’ photograph, taken in Southern Ethiopia.

Coca-Cola the Beverage Giant, Reveals New Packaging Design without their Logo

The Coca-Cola logo is a well-known brand logo. A new design is paving its way to inspire change and positivity. The brand is replacing the design with inspiring resolutions. There will be uplifting messages such as "I promise to smile more just for you," and "I'm not the best at compliments but I'll try." It is time to design and customize designs online. It is on sale in Europe already.

How to Make More Out of Your Photography Business1

How to Make More Out of Your Photography Business1
Photography is a form of art above all else, but for art to survive, business must also thrive alongside with it. That being said, the world of photography is an extremely competitive one, and it’s not easy to make it here. A combination of talent, experience and knowledge might be enough to help you stay on the path, but in order to grow bigger and better than before while chasing your passion, understanding business is equally important, if not even more so at times. There is no point in lecturing a professional...

Beautiful Indian watercolor paintings by Uday Bhan

Beautiful Indian watercolor paintings by Uday Bhan
The watercolor paintings by artist Uday Bhan shows us a glimpse into Indian culture. People going about doing their regular jobs, women enjoying a sip of tea after a tired day work, people cooking and cleaning. Men waiting to provide their repair services and more. The background is set on a blue or a beige theme, which puts more focus on what the subjects are doing. Uday Bhan is a watercolor artist from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. His watercolor paintings are internationally recognised. His watercolor paintings have...

New 3D Printed Houses - Know the Future of Architecture Design

Owning a house is the most challenging task. Only a few fortunate people can grab a space, naming it their home. If you get one and can hold a home, you will be paying a mortgage all the best part of your life.  Serendix Partners propose to offer 3D-printed houses to the public. They have announced plans to launch in 2021 futuristic homes. They are using a robot to create a 3D-print of the house and it will be automated, ensuring low costs. It is assumed that a 30-cubic-meter home costs 3,000,000 yen. It implies no...

20 Colorful Advertising Photography and Retouching works by Visual Scientist Slava Thisset

20 Colorful Advertising Photography and Retouching works by Visual Scientist Slava Thisset
Slava Thisset is a Russian artist, graphic designer and photographer who calls himself a visual scientist since he experiments with nature around him. Bold colours give his pictures uniqueness and these juicy pictures are stunning digitally. Slava combines photography and digital art to create his own kind of pictures and gives them life. He rightly calls himself as earthman among the aliens. Fluorescent neon colour of his photographs give an aesthetic look to it which he creates through makeup, lighting arrangements...

Adobe attaches New Collaborative Features to Photoshop and Illustrator

Adobe enters the sortie with new collaborative features to maneuver working on creative projects. Adobe the software giant adds new tools updating Photoshop and Illustrator. It synchronously allows any user to edit a cloud shared document on iPad, a computer, or iPhone. You can hand over work to someone and be assured by the time you come back it will be updated. The Photoshop users also have an upgrade to sync the presets of the app anywhere you use. It includes gradients and brushes. Windows and Mac users can initiate it...

Revitalize Your Home Walls with new trending Wallpaper Designs

Change is life and the year 2020 emerged true to this fact. The designs and colors triumph bringing changes. They became brighter and the shapes took to all ways that they entered living rooms and other room walls. The use of wallpaper is high and the change gives a new space feel and people have started admiring this change. It has added a ‘wow’ factor. It has added personality and offers the bang for the buck spent. It is the newest trend adorning walls. The prints are getting louder and bigger. It appears it...