Hyper realistic 3D models of celebrities by Hadi Karimi

Hadi Karimi is a 3d model sculptor and CG artist from Tehran, Iran. He is specialized in 3d sculptures and character designs. His 3d models are mostly of Hollywood celebrities. The detailing to the hair, eyes, accessories is very accurate. The raw emotions and expressions have been beautifully captured by the 3d modeler. He uses Zbrush and Maya software for creating his 3d models. He uses Xgen core to get the detailing of the hair right. He uses substance painter for the exact match of color textures. Most of his 3d models are bust size portraits. Check out his YouTube channel to understand how he created these hyper realistic 3d models.

Hyper realistic 3D models of celebrities by Hadi Karimi

3d model will smith by hadi karimi3d model will smith 3d model taylor swift by hadi karimi3d model taylor swift 3d model amy whinehouse by hadi karimi3d model amy whinehouse 3d model audrey hepburn by hadi karimi3d model audrey hepburn 3d model bjork by hadi karimi3d model bjork 3d model dua lipa by hadi karimi3d model dua lipa 3d model freddie mercury by hadi karimi3d model freddie mercury

3d model grace kelly by hadi karimi3d model grace kelly 3d model kurt cobain by hadi karimi3d model kurt cobain 3d model willow smith by hadi karimi3d model willow smith

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