Funny 3D Model Animals as Couch Potatoes By Guodong Zhao

Imagine 3D model animals sitting on a couch playing with the latest gadgets and refusing to budge. It's a hilarious scenario of 3d animal characters cooked up by the designer Guodong Zhao. Most humans are glued to the idiot boxes or play stations and never realize that time flies. 'Lazy Things' is a recent project by the graphic designer Guodong Zhao from Beijing China. He uses pixologic brush, which is a digital sculpting tool, useful for creating 2d and 3d animal models. He also uses Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D and other 3d model software's to create his stunning 3d model masterpieces. In this lazy animals series, we see can see a beautiful display of cats to sharks lounging on bean bags and playing with video games and watching the mobiles.

Funny 3D Model Animals as Couch Potatoes By Guodong Zhao

3d model giraffe by guodong zhao3d model giraffe 3d model elephant by guodong zhao3d model elephant 3d model hippo by guodong zhao3d model hippo 3d model panda by guodong zhao3d model panda 3d model alligator by guodong zhao3d model alligator 3d model rhino by guodong zhao3d model rhino 3d model bear by guodong zhao3d model bear

3d model pig by guodong zhao3d model pig3d model cat by guodong zhao3d model cat 3d model shark by guodong zhao3d model shark

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